John 11:35. “Jesus wept.”

This morning, I went over to St. Patrick’s Church – or what’s left of it.

I got there just in time to see the big claw crane tear the corners off the bell tower.

St. Patrick's Church, Watervliet, tear-down of bell tower

I shot it with my little Nikon Coolpix, as well as with some black and white film that will be processed later.

The dust and debris was filling the air, and I needed to get downwind.

Some other people brought their cameras to a closed-off intersection. I got this shot from there.

St. Patrick's Church, Watervliet, tear-down of bell tower

The Coolpix also doubles as a motion picture camera, so I did get this shot of the cornices being torn off by the crane.

ALl in all, I took pictures of this church with several of my cameras, both film and digital, both experimental and reverent. A collection of these photos, to which I will add more as soon as they are developed and scanned, can be seen below.

I never went to St. Patrick’s Church. I’ve driven by it many times in the past two years, however. I know there are some that say it’s just a building, but for the community it meant so much more. And like all things, both organic and inert, all must return to dust.

The building may be gone. The faith of its parishoners and attendees will live forever.