It’s a “Bottle Service” sighting!!!!


Two years ago, I worked as an extra on a new web series called Bottle Service, a drama about the goings-on at the exclusive Club “It.”  Originally, I had a cameo appearance as a paparazzo photographer, and then I filled in as a muscle-headed enforcer in an entourage? It was a great few days of work and fun for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Actress Frances Brennand Roper with an invitation for you to join Club “It,” the nightclub for the webseries Bottle Service. “Bottle Service” is a production of MoBetta Films, Inc. Photo by Chuck Miller.

That was so long ago.  In fact, I thought the project was dead.  I mean, most of the actors and actresses in the show had moved on to bigger and better things.  You know, like the web series Super Knocked Up and stuff like that.

And then, about six months ago, I crossed paths with one of the actors, Kevin Craig West, at the mall.  He showed me a little teaser trailer of Bottle Service on his cell phone, and promised to e-mail me the link.  Yeah, that was a few months ago.  And again, I thought the project was toast.

Well, today, I saw this link on Facebook.

Looks as if Bottle Service might actually see the light of day.

Oh yeah, you want to see this too, don’t you?

Go ahead and click the video link below.  I should let you know that although the clip is safe for work, it’s probably a good idea to not watch it while your boss is in the general vicinity.  Just sayin’ is all…

And some comments from Kevin Craig West, when I told him I would be putting together this little blog post for today:

“Coolbeans. Thanks. Yes, you can add that Producers Kevin Craig West, Susie Griswold and Angela Beddoe are excited that post production is moving along in the skilled and capable hands of editor Tracy Nichole Cring A release date and premiere party is in the planning. For updates, stay tuned to Bottle Service: The Series.”

So welcome to Club “It,” the home of the hottest girls, a place where your most intimate secrets stay behind closed doors – unless something happens to expose your past.

From what I hear, Bottle Service could debut later this year.  If it does – er, when it does – I’ll pass the link along to all of you.  Hope you enjoy.