My photo results for the 2013 Durham Fair are…

One of my regular blog readers, Bob Burger, also enters his photographs in competition every year.  I’ve seen his work at the Big E last year, his photos are very impressive.

So this year, he and I arranged a “gentleman’s agreement” for the 2013 season.  He wanted to enter his work at the Vermont State Fair, but they only allow submissions by hand delivery.  If I was willing to courier his artworks to Vermont, he would offer to bring my works to the Durham Fair in Connecticut.

Works for me.  I’ll try the Durham Fair for one year.  Test run, if you will.

Last weekend, Bob couriered my photos over to the Durham Fairgrounds for the Fair’s four-day run.  The Durham Fair allows a maximum of four photographs per entrant, so I figured that I would try this at least once.  I picked through my archives, and chose two current pictures and two legacy photos.

Since I couldn’t get to the Fair this weekend, Bob was kind enough to fill me in.  These are his pictures of my pictures, shall we say.


Score so far: Honorable mention, New York State Fair.

Apparently Pies scored 22 out of a possible 30 points from the judges, and did not place in the competition.  Nertz.  I mean, there it is on display and all…

That being said, “Pies on the Windowsill” still has its fans.  A print of “Pies” is also tabbed for charity season, so if you want a copy of this little picture… keep watching for Historic Albany Foundation’s upcoming “BUILT” fundraiser.


score so far: First place, Altamont Fair; First place, Big E.

Apparently the Jumbuck snagged 24 out of a possible 30 points, which was good enough for third place in its category.  Swank!  The winning streak for this little ram continues!  If you look at the bottom of the picture, there’s a little yellow dot.  Apparently the yellow dot indicates a third-place finish.

And since this was my first time entering this Fair, I decided to throw a couple of “classics” from the past. Including:


Score so far: Gallery showing in London 2011, Third Place color in Altamont 2011

Yep, that little primrose weed received one more showing.  Unfortunately, the Railsplitter did not claim another ribbon outside of its third-place Altamont silk.  Bummer.  And part of me thought to myself, “Self… maybe you should have entered Nipper’s Polar Panorama or Butterfly and Citrus or even Destination Voyage Rouge et Bleu.”

Yeah, I suppose.

And then, my fourth entry.  I wanted to enter a splitfilm picture into the Durham Fair competition this year, and the three I could have chosen were Coca-Cola Relieves Fatigue Sold Everywhere 5 Cents, The Lenten Meal and The Agfa Bridge Over Ansco Lake.

Eventually, I decided to go with my splitfilm picture of the Washington Park bridge, produced with Agfa and Ansco film and loaded into a vintage Agfa Chief camera.

I remember blogging about the creation of this little picture two years ago.  And later that year, this picture snagged a second-place ribbon at the New York State Fair, as well as an Honorable Mention at Altamont.

Can this splitfilm picture take its third ribbon?



Score so far: 2nd place, New York State Fair; Honorable Mention, Altamont Fair; BEST OF SHOW, DURHAM FAIR 2013!!!!

Am I seeing this correctly?  That white ribbon with black trim?  THIS SAYS BEST OF SHOW!!!  BEST OF SHOW DURHAM FAIR, 2013!!

And then Bob sent me another picture.  It was the gallery wall of all first-place pictures at the 2013 Durham Fair’s photography contest.  Including the three pictures that earned BEST OF SHOW… including that photo of mine.

Salon Print Winners, Durham Fair 2013. Photo capture by Bob Burger. Picture in the top row, second from left… by Chuck Miller.


Can you excuse me for just a moment here?  I need to…

Yeah.  Thank you.  I hope you understand…

So here’s what this means.  The ribbon count for competition season – ten ribbons.  Most ever for me, with one more photo competition – the Sheep and Wool Festival – left.

And my first ever “BEST OF SHOW” ribbon.  Ever.  Thirty-five and a half levels of awesome.

I would definitely say that this “gentleman’s agreement” between Bob and me needs to be renewed for next year.  What do you think? 🙂