K-Chuck Radio: More Forgotten Gems

It’s a hot, muggy day, and I thought that if I need to balance out the sticky weather with anything… it should be with a K-Chuck Radio blog post.  Besides, there’s so many great songs from the past that have been completely forgotten about – even though they were either decent hits, or regional hits, or international hits… here’s a chance to hear them again.

Every so often, I add these to a K-Chuck Radio blog post, just for your entertainment.  So crank up the speakers and enjoy…


There were two different versions of the Bach song “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” on record albums in the early 1970’s.  There’s the reverent version on Wendy Carlos’ Switched-on Bach LP, and this one that actually made the Top 10 on the pop charts.

(Sittin’ On) A Poor Man’s Throne

One of several Canadian bands who enjoyed Top 40 success in their native land, but who never cracked through to the States, this was Copperpenny’s biggest hit, and still receives some airplay on Canadian oldies radio stations.

You Can Have Him

This female vocal trio had several hits in California, including this song.  The Cake influenced many other distaff-led rock and pop bands in the 1970’s and 1980’s, including the Go-Go’s and the Bangles, with their harmonies and dark musical subjects.

Cradle of Love

This is a cover of an old Top 40 hit from the pre-Beatles era; Robbie and Robyn were one of several artists who recorded on Hanna-Barbera’s pop music label.  Yes, the company behind The Flintstones had a rock and roll label for a couple of years.

Rhythm of Life

Why the hell didn’t Motown put this out as a pop single?  This song shows Miss Ross at her most energetic, it shows the Temptations as the superior vocal harmony group that they were… Hey Motown, it’s not too late, go find the master tape and print up a few 45’s of this song!

I Want More

Gotta get some electronica in this playlist… and that would include this German group who, along with Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, brought “Krautrock” to a worldwide audience.

5000 VOLTS
I’m On Fire

That whole concept of putting a pretty girl on stage to mime the vocals that another artist did in the studio?  Here’s a prime example.  That over-energetic lead vocalist in this Top 10 dance song from the 1970’s is not the same person whose voice you hear.  Probably a good reason why 5000 Volts never had another Top 40 hit.

Woman You’re Breaking Me

This Australian rock band had several different lineups in their lifetime, but they stuck around long enough to create this monster Oz Rock hit that actually got some spins in various American cities as well.

It Could Be We’re In Love

Such was the power of regional radio.  The Cryan’ Shames could hit #1 in their hometown of Chicago with every single recording, but couldn’t break nationally, no matter how hard they tried.  Still, when you have amazing songs like “It Could Be We’re In Love,” you take your wins where you can find them.


And finally, we have this early EDM track.  Yep, they had EDM in the 1970’s.  Ha.  Actually, a cover of this track by an instrumental group named “Hot Butter” hit the Top 10 in the US, but what I’m bringing you is the original version, as performed by its composer, Gershon Kingsley.

Hot music to make you feel really cool.  Right here … on K-Chuck Radio!