An Adirondack goal for the weekend…

Over the weekend, fellow TU community blogger Stephanie Snyder wished me a good weekend and hoped I would take some awesome fall foliage pictures.  “Happy fall foliage photo taking season!” she said.

Yeah, I can do that… let’s see what the North Country looks like right now.

The leaves are changing… sorta… slowly… I figure by next week the Adirondacks will have their full vibrancy.

So if next weekend will be perfect, let’s see what I can accomplish this weekend.  Yeah, I could shoot the Great Sacandaga Lake again… I could go back to the covered bridge in Edinburg… maybe that pond in Corinth… Nah.  Been there, done that, been there again, done that again.

Yesterday, I drove up to the Adirondacks, with an idea.  I would go over to one of the hunting / fishing areas and maybe get some pictures there.  That should work, right?

There’s a road sign off Route 9N.  Hunt Lake.  Jenny Lake.  Efner Lake.  Well, one of those lakes should work for me.  Left turn.  Let’s go.

Hmm.  Parking spot.  I grab the Nikon Df, along with my tripod.  Maybe I can get a nice long-exposure shot somewhere…

Hiked the trail.  Yes, I’m 51 years old and I can hike.  No, I did not need an oxygen tank 300 feet into the trip.

Hmm… there’s a clearing.  Let’s see what’s there –

Wow.  It’s a glass-calm lake.  Trees along the shoreline.  And they’re just starting to change.

But which lake is this?  Hunt Lake?  Jenny Lake?  Efner Lake?

I took some pictures.  Wow this is cool.  I then took a moment to videotape a message to my Facebook friends, most of whom were probably still waking up at such an ungodly morning hour.

“So I’m not sure if I’m at Hunt Lake or Jenny Lake or Efner Lake,” I said into my video camera.

“You’re not at any of those lakes,” was the response.

No, my BlackBerry did not suddenly develop Siri speech-like responses.  The news actually came from a man who was walking his two dogs along the shoreline.

“I’m sorry,” I said.  “The sign I saw said that the lakes were this way.”

“They’re further out,” the man said.  “You’re actually at a pond.  This used to be the town’s reservoir.  Now it’s a free-standing pond and it’s stocked with trout.”

Memo to self.  If I ever want to go fishing for trout… here’s a possibility.

Well, I’m not going to waste a chance to get a good photo.  And since the leaves hadn’t fully changed color yet…

This shot would be a test.  Five images combined into an HDR capture.

Adirondack fall foliage
Adirondack Fall Foliage, September 2014. Nikon Df camera, Vivitar 19mm f/3.8 lens, five images combined into HDR capture. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Nice test, Chuck.  Nice like spice.  Now the leaves are still mostly green, although there are some reds and ambers peeking through.

So I’m going to come back to this spot next week.  And I’m bringing the Nikon Df.  And I’m also bringing the Nikon F100, the Kodak Medalist II, my Rolleiflex Automat MX, and any other camera I feel like toting up the hill.

Because by then, if the sun is shining and there’s puffy clouds in the sky (puffy clouds are optional), I have a good feeling that I’ll get an amazing picture or three out of this location.

Clear my calendar for Saturday morning, bright and early.

Start changing colors, leaves… And be ready for the weekend.