K-Chuck Radio: Return of the Armor-Plated Heart

I crafted a K-Chuck Radio playlist four years ago based on an iPod playlist of mine.  The playlist, called ‘The Armor-Plated Heart,” features a list of emotional, powerful, hold-onto-your-heart-because-it’s-ripping-to-pieces tracks.

So it’s been four years since that blog post.  But I’ve added more tracks to that little grouping.  Songs that will help soothe the pain of a relationship that’s fallen off the tracks.  To the days when you kept your songs close to your soul, to protect it from the shrapnel of love’s grenades.

Do What You Wanna Do

Not much is known about this Los Angeles vocal quintet, but they were able to craft this soulful ballad. Less than three minutes of pure soul goodness.

Never Never

The Assembly was a one-hit side project by Vince Clarke, post-Yaz and pre-Erasure. The lead singer is Feargal Sharkey, the lead singer of the Undertones. A great song that deserved a follow-up.  Too bad they never received a chance to make another record.


Alison Moyet was the lead singer of Yaz, and when that group broke up, she had a few Top 10 international hits of her own, including this torch ballad that was written by Lamont Dozier.

If I Call You By Some Name

What was once a psychedelic rock band in Toronto became, for one hit only, a wistful ballad about love and loss.

I Can’t Grow Peaches on a Cherry Tree

The original version of this song was recorded by a New York City folk duo called Just Us.  But this song sounds sadder and more emotional when it’s performed by the sultry, sexy Nancy Sinatra.

The Thirty-First of June

This rare track has absolutely nothing to do with the J.B. Priestly novel from the early 1960’s.  Maybe the novel inspired the title of the song… I don’t know… but come on, it’s Petula Clark.  She could sing the telephone directory and it would still sound fantastic.

You Gave Me Somebody To Love

The Dreamlovers had one major hit, “When We Get Married,” but is better known as the background vocalists for most of Chubby Checker’s hits.  This song was later covered as a disco track by another Philly band, the Purple Reign.  No, it’s not related to you know who…

Stormy Weather

This doo-wop ballad version of the classic Great American Songbook entry is notable as one of the rarest and most expensive recodings of all time, with a worn-out 78 RPM copy selling for nearly $25,000.  A 45 RPM copy is alleged to exist, but no legitimate original pressings in that format have ever surfaced.  Sad.

All Cried Out

I think the only reason this song was so popular, was because every girl who ever had their heart broken by some unbelievably callous cur put this song on their turntable and played it over and over and over and over again, until they wore out the record – then they went back to the record store and bought a new copy to play over and over again.

Rainbow Sleeves

I’ve always felt that the best Tom Waits songs are those in which someone other than Tom Waits is singing them. This song is one of those. From the first note, Rickie Lee Jones captures every sorrowful emotion and makes you feel each heartache and heartbreak.

Now if you’ll excuse me for a moment… I just need to find some tissues. Gotta wipe away the tears from my eyes before they drop onto my heart and cause rust spots.