Shooting on 12/13/14

Let’s see.  Nikon Df packed?  Yep.

Kodak Medalist II with a couple of rolls of respooled 620 film?  Check.

A 35mm camera with some experimental film in it?  Got it.

What’s going on?

Well, the Photo Center of Troy has an upcoming members’ show called “12/13/14,” which will feature photos from its members that were taken on that day.  It’s the last time in our life that the date will show up as a sequential number – similar to a couple of years ago, when the Photo Center hosted a “12/12/12” show and my Twelve to the Third Power appeared in that show.

12 to the Third Power
Twelve to the Third Power. Trio3D camera, generic 200 print film.  Photo by Chuck Miller.

So do I have any idea what photos I will take this day?

I don’t know.  Probably I’ll just get in the car and drive, drive, drive… and at some point I’ll pull over, get out of the car, and photograph something interesting.  That’s kind of how I’ve done things for years.

I could return to my successful photographic honey holes, and see if my previous photographic success locations can produce something new this year.  Or maybe, on this sequential day, I’ll find a new honey hole or two.

Sometimes it takes days like this to rejuvenate a person’s creative drive.  Sometimes that pilot light has burned out, and one needs to get resparked.

And hopefully, when the Photo Center of Troy picks their entrants for the show…

Some image I captured today might make the grade.

I hope.

We shall see. 🙂