“Frozen” on the Royale With Cheese Movie Club

Chuck, are you telling me you’ve never seen Frozen?  Everybody’s seen it. My kids have seen it.  They’ve seen it seventy zillion times.  They make me watch it every single time.  I know every single song and I can’t just let it go, let it go-o-o-o-o…

Yep.  And as of last night, I was one of the few people in the United States who had NOT YET seen this Disney blockbuster.

As far as I knew from this film, I thought it was a retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen story The Snow Queen, and considering that I remember that the last time Disney took one of Hans Christian Andersen’s works and put it on the big screen, it was the blockbuster The Little Mermaid, I figured at some point in time I would watch the film.

That point in time was yesterday, in that when I told someone about my Royale With Cheese Movie Club – and mentioning that Frozen will be one of the titles, she pulled out a DVD copy of the movie and said, “Well, now’s your chance to watch it.”

And so, with family and friends, I sat and watched Frozen.

Now that I’ve seen it… here’s what I enjoyed about it.

The animation – it’s up to the Disney breathtaking standard.  The storyline – similar to most late-era Disney animated pictures, with the valiant heroine like Belle (Anna), the conflicted not-really-a-villain-but-misunderstood like the Beast (Elsa), the goofy sidekick like Sebastian or Timonn and Puumba (Olaf, Sven), the supporting character with wisdom or strength or knowledge that helps the heroine, a la Aladdin’s Genie (Kristoff), and the villain who reveals himself as the true villain partway through the film, a la Gaston (Hans).  I get this.

And the songs were great, even if I felt like nearly every single song could have been transplanted to a Broadway musical (yes, “For The First Time In Forever” and “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” I’m talking to both of you).  But then again, I expect a Disney movie to have songs in it.

You know what?  Granted, it took me a year to see this picture (as opposed to the twenty years I waited to see Pulp Fiction, the raison d’etre for the Royale With Cheese movie club), but there was something in the film that I was waiting for.

Where was the Snow Queen?  Not Elsa, but the one that had the cursed mirror?  Where were Kai and Gerda?  What happened to the splinters of the mirror that landed in Kai’s eyes and made him think that Gerda was evil?  What happened to the puzzle of trying to create the words “eternity” to break the spell?

And then I realized… Even though I had just seen Frozen, I was remembering another animated film based on the same Hans Christian Andersen story.  This was a film made in the late 1950’s in the Soviet Union, and was repeated on WTEN as a Sunday afternoon movie many times.  So while today’s generation sings “Let it Go” with the characters from Frozen

Here’s the movie I remember that told the story of the Snow Queen.

Okay, another film crossed off the RwCMC schedule…