“Huron Motel” or “Huron No’el”?

Yes, I do have this tendency to jump out of my car and take a picture of an oddball or unique road sign.  And last Sunday, while I was on my trip to Windsor, Ontario, I did just that.

My lodgings were on a stretch of highway called Huron Church Road, a collection of restaurants and motels and bars.  For comparison, think Wolf Road with a border crossing – I could see Detroit from my hotel room.  Among all the chain restaurants and hotels, I saw this sign for a small, independent facility called the Huron Motel.  The sign had some nice borderline Googie architecture construction to it, and I figured that if I was going to drive 9 1/2 hours to Ontario, I couldn’t miss an opportunity to get a photo of the sign.

So Sunday morning, before I headed home…

Up and at ’em, Chuck.  And I photographed one side of the sign.  Okay, yeah, blah, boring.

But the other side of the sign – showing distress and broken panels and wear and tear – that’s what caught my photographic eye.

The Huron Motel
Huron Motel. Nikon Df camera, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens. Photo by Chuck Miller.

See… the way the sign was damaged, it almost looked as if the wording was redesigned for a Christmas lodge – you know, the “Huron No’el.”  Okay, maybe I’m reading TOO MUCH into the sign damage, but still…

It’s also interesting that the sign is properly maintained on the side where drivers would go from Windsor to Detroit… but for USA travelers from Detroit to Windsor, they see this broken version of the sign.  Sort of the way I noticed that traveling from Toronto to Windsor, all the highway travel signs were in English; but in traveling from Windsor toward Toronto, the signs were in both English and French – I guess for those travelers that are trying to find their way home to Quebec.

Or maybe I should just assume that the owners of the hotel didn’t have enough money or time to repair the sign’s damage, and so long as people are able to figure out WHAT the sign is advertising, they’re not going to worry about it too much.  Similar to the person who has to make sure all the lights in the WAFFLE HOUSE sign are working, lest people drive by at night and want to know what’s being sold at the WAFFLE HO.

And then it was time to go home.  Go home and maybe find a new adventure and a new direction and a new life and a new opportunity and a new this and a new that.

Because I need things to get better in 2015.  I don’t want my life being as tattered and abused and broken as a roadside motel sign.

I just don’t.

Not any more.