Just packed up Cassaundra’s Christmas gift…

Yes I know how to use a calendar.

Yes I know that the holiday happened last month.

Yes the headline is correct…

However… I gotta explain.

In December, I saw the WMHT “Memories of Hoffman’s Playland” documentary.  And man it was good.  Really, really good.  So I figured I’d get my daughter Cassaundra a copy of it.

So I made a pledge to WMHT – a pledge big enough that I could get a copy of the DVD for her and a copy of the DVD for me.

Everything’s fine.  I’m filling out the forms, I’m adding my credit card infomration…

Click.  All paid for.  And then I got this message.

“Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery of your DVD.”

Well, that certainly means I can get it to her in time for Christmas… Christmas 2015, that is.

Damn it damn it damn it.  Can nothing work the way I want it to?

Last Saturday, the DVD arrived at my doorstep. I immediately boxed it up and shipped it out to my daughter.

Well, not totally “immediately.”

See, every time my daughter comes to visit me, before she leaves she has to stop at the local grocery store and pick up some locally-made foodstuffs.  You know, Freihofer’s cookies, Freihofer’s corn toasties, Freihofer’s this and that…

So before I packed up her DVD in the shipping box, I stopped at my local Price Chopper to get some of those delicious Friehofer’s cookies.

And they were all sold out.



Yep, and the corn toasties were gone as well.

Okay.  Time to call an audible.

And by “audible,” I drove over to my nearby Stewarts.

And they had the cookies.

And while they didn’t have the corn toasties, they did have boxed six-packs of chocolate maple donuts.  A couple of boxes of those, along with a few boxes of cookies, all of you get into the priority mailer box.

And after all that… I shipped the package off.  So I figure my daughter should receive all her treats – the Hoffman’s Playland DVD and the cookies and donuts – if the Postal Service does its job, by at least Thursday at the latest.

Although the way things are going of late, they may end up arriving at her doorstep by June.

And by that time, the donuts would be stale, the cookies would become crumbs, and the Playland would become Huck Finn’s. 🙂