Who was that girl in the commercial?

Last night, I played trivia over at Brown’s Brewing.  It’s my normal Monday night game, and I figured I’d play it instead of worrying about a Nor’easter that might ruin all my plans for tomorrow.

I was in third place, and the final question was in the category of “Women in commercials.”

Okay.  Could be anyone, could be anything.  Bet it all and see what happens.

“Born in Uzbekistan, actress Milana Vayntrub appears in whose television commercials?”

Wow.  Why didn’t they just save this for Trivia Bowl, for crying out loud?

And then I remembered.  Or at least I think I remembered… because although that name wasn’t totally familiar to me, I did recall that I saw a commercial one day and I did a Google search on “Who was that girl in the (fill in the blank) commercial?”

And by “fill in the blank,” I meant AT&T.

Because Milana Vayntrub is also Lily Adams, the customer service representative in all those AT&T commercials.

Like this one.

And a few minutes later, I walked out of Brown’s with the $30 gift card for winning on the night.

And it occurred to me. How many times do I watch a television show and see a commercial featuring an attractive woman… and yet not know who that woman is?

At which point I run to Google and type in a phrase like “Who is that hot girl in the…” and all is revealed.

For example, the girl in the late nite Thermospas hot tub commercial is actress Meredith Riley Stewart. You can see a snippet of the commercial at 0:35 of this resume talent reel.

And the hot redhead named Morgan Smith Goodwin is better known as the “red-haired girl” in the current Wendy’s commercial advertisements.

And a brunette named Chelsea Ranger turned her YouTube singalong of a Salt-n-Pepa song into an appearance in this Acura commercial.

Now you might not know who Kelly King is… but you’ve seen her in commercials for this product.

That being said, the same product is also being promoted by British soap actress Linette Beaumont.

Probably the first time I wondered “who is the woman in the commercial” would be back in the 1970’s, when I was curious about the blonde that appeared next to Jim Rockford in all those Polaroid commercials. Yep. Mariette Hartley.

Or maybe in the 1960’s, with actress Barbara Feldon promoting this hair product. Can I say that she gives me 99 reasons to try this product?

And just watch this retro commercial with Farrah Fawcett. I’m surprised Joe Namath didn’t dump Suzy Kolber to spend time with Farrah after this 30-second clip.

So what’s the moral of this blog post, my friends?  Simple.  If you ever watch a commercial and you start thinking to yourself… hmm… who was that girl in the commercial … go look it up.

Because I’ll tell you … it may pay off some day when you’re playing bar trivia.

It certainly paid off for me. 🙂