Trivia Bowl XI … and the teams are…

Wow.  It seems like only a year ago that Stern Fans won their second Trivia Bowl, and did so in quintessentially Stern Fans-ish manner – by betting a few points and watching as every other team got the answer wrong.  That put their name on the coveted trophy.
Now it’s 2015, and the eleventh meeting of the Capital District’s top trivia teams will take place this Saturday at 1pm at Wolf’s 1-11 on Wolf Road in Colonie.  The event is invitation-only, you have to be either a previous Trivia Bowl winner, a champion at your local pub or tavern or restaurant, or receive an “at-large” bid.
So who’s in Trivia Bowl this year?
Well, there’s the returning champions:
  • Stern Fans (champions of Trivia Bowl IV, X, current champions)
  • Street Academy (champions of Trivia Bowl III, VI)
  • Lynch’s Mob (champions of Trivia Bowl I, II)
  • The Load (champions of Trivia Bowl V)
  • Team Gretchen (champions of Trivia Bowl VIII)
  • The Tangy Tip (champions of Trivia Bowl IX, previously known as Manti’s Phone Bill)
And the other teams that have earned an at-large bid, or who have garnered an opportunity by winning a local tournament – those teams, along with the bars and restaurants that they represent:
  • The Summit (Graney’s)
  • Cromartie’s Kids (Stout)
  • Dan 2000X (Stout)
  • Woo-Hoo A Go-Go  (Elbo Room)
  • The Fist (Elbo Room)
  • Red-Headed Step Kids (Lager House/Side Door Cafe)
  • Blue Dudes Riding On 106 (Recovery Troy)
  • Spaceship (The Lionheart)
  • Tickle Me Sandusky
  • Motley Crue (Recovery Amsterdam)
  • What’s The Letter After “P”  (Gaffneys)
  • Miguel Hunt (Recovery Malta)
  • Mookie Blaylock  (Recovery Malta)
  • Your Mom (Recovery Malta)
  • Sparkling Wiggles (Stout)
  • The Skidmarks (McGearys)
  • Tap This (Jessica Stones)
  • District 5 Ducks  (My Place & Co)
  • Team 3  (Jessica Stones)
  • My Wife The Tramp  (Pinhead Susans)
  • Tarnished Silver (Pinhead Susans)
  • Origami Swans  (Side Door Café)
  • Skyhawk (Recovery Albany)
  • Ketcham (Martel’s)
  • Threat Level Midnight (Martel’s)
  • A Few Cards Short Of A Deck (Brown’s)
  • Lumber Jack Fantasies (Finnbars)
  • Blues Brothers (McGearys)
  • The Bonanza (Finnbars)
  • Send It In Jerome (McGearys)
  • A Circle Of Jerks (Juniors/Graneys)
  • Can’t Get Right (Recovery Troy)

So with that in mind… Wolf’s 1-11 should be packed with over three dozen trivia teams.

And by later Saturday afternoon… one of them will get the opportunity to hoist the Silver Bowl and claim themselves as Trivia Bowl champions.

Congratulations in advance to that team.  And all the best to all teams who will participate.

And may the sniping, cajoling, teasing, catcalling, and snarky responses commence… right… about…