The reclamation of a Dream Window

Normally, when I put my Dream Window art projects in charitable auctions, they’re bought, they’re appreciated, and I am comforted in the knowledge that these artworks are in new homes.

And last year, I thought that happened with Dream Window 11: Saratoga’s Healing Waters, my photo of the waterfall adjacent to the Copeland Bridge in Edinburg, New York.


Last year, I merged some wavy stained glass with a glissando-like photograph, grouped all of it into an old salvaged Queen Anne window, and blogged about the process.  Eventually the window was offered for sale at the TRASK charity event for the Saratoga Springs Preservation Society, and – as you can see from the photo I took at the event – it earned a blue “X”, meaning that the artwork was sold.  Happy dance.

Or at least I thought it was sold.

Because a few days later, I received a call from the organizers of the auction.  Apparently although there were bids on the piece, the bids did not surpass what was essentially a reserve on the piece.  So the artwork was reclaimed, the sale was negated, and the piece was returned to me.  Wow.  I didn’t realize that the “opening bid” constituted a reserve bid.  I thought that if the piece received any bids at all, then it was in the hands of new owners.  My bad.

So a day or two after I blogged about Dream Window 11: Saratoga’s Healing Waters being sold… it was back in my apartment.

Talk about feeling embarrassed.   I mean, I don’t fault the Saratoga Springs Preservation Society, and I don’t fault the bidders.  Things just happen.

After a few months, I tried to find a new home for the piece.  I looked at charitable auctions in the Capital District, but it unfortunately didn’t fit in any of the local auctions.  I could have entered it in competition at Altamont or at some other locale, but my Dream Windows have been less than successful at Altamont (no silks in two entries).

Eventually I reprinted the center image and re-inserted it into the window frame, and hung the completed artwork back on my wall.

Well, things can change.  And maybe this piece was returned to me for a purpose that I did not anticipate.

And that “purpose” will take place this summer.

I can’t talk much about what’s going on just yet… but suffice it to say that six of my artworks and photos, including Jesus Saves, The AGFA Bridge Over Ansco Lake, The Three-Two Pitch and Star Trails of Brown Tract Pond, plus one Dream Window that I’m custom-crafting right now, will be exhibited this June.  Location to be announced soon.

So maybe this Dream Window will find a new home and a new purpose.  It just might take longer than I had originally anticipated.