Welcome to the club, Roger Green!!

Over the past 5 1/2 years of blogging with the Times Union, I’ve made many blogging friends.  Some of them have moved  away from the TU blogfarm, while others have “kept on keepin’ on” with their writing and their observations and their attitude and approach to life.

Today, I want to take a moment and congratulate one of the TU’s longest-running community bloggers, Roger Green.  Roger has blogged about everything from movie reviews to the renovation and eventual shutdown of his local YMCA; from the events going on at his church to the events going on in life.

Although he has blogged for years on his own personal blog, he’s shared his observations as well in the TU’s blog farm.

And with that in mind… with today’s blog post, “It WAS the Ninth Symphony,” Roger Green has now posted blog post number 1,000 to the Times Union blog farm.

Welcome to the thousand-blog-post club, Roger!

So what do you get for being part of this august collective?

You get your own imitation-silver-engraved key to the Times Union executive washroom…

You get a full subscription to the TimesUnionPLUS service, you only have to pay a minimum of $3.50/week on top of your regular subscription rate.

You get a free copy of yesterday’s edition of the TU, complete with all the coupons trimmed out of it.

But all joking aside, congratulations Roger for your dedication to the TU blog portal and for being an all-around good guy!