TRON 3 is being filmed right now…

I enjoy my motion picture franchises with equal amounts of anticipation and excitement.  Trust me when I say that if I had to pick my “Mount Rushmore” of modern film characters, they would include Han Solo, Captain America (Chris Evans version) and Mad Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson version or the modern Tom Hardy version, whichever the stonecutter can build).

And today, I received some very exciting news.  One of my favorite film series – which premiered in 1982 and had its second film in 2010 – is currently filming a new chapter in the series.

Yes.  Chuck is super-stoked for this.

In fact, you might remember the first film in the series.

Or maybe the second film…

That’s right.  Filming has begun in Vancouver for TRON 3.

And yes, I’m stoked.  Believe me, I was front-row back in 1982 when it premiered at the multiplex at Sangertown Square (Sangertown was the shopping center all the Hamilton College kids went to in the 80’s).  I was also front-row in 2010 when it premiered at Crossgates Mall.

So you know I’m going to be counting down the weeks and days until the premiere of this new chapter in the series.

And that fourth head on my modern-day motion picture Mount Rushmore?  Obviously, Jeff Bridges in his TRON headgear.

But I do have one request of the filmmakers.  Can they at least find a way to get Bruce Boxleitner into the TRON suit this time around?  Maybe even see if Cindy Morgan can join in as well?

And I know this is the biggest longshot of them all, but how about asking Wendy Carlos AND Daft Punk to collaborate on the film score?

Yeah.  This works for me.