Best of our TU Community Bloggers, March 19, 2015: Ten for Thursday

So something was brought to my attention regarding his weekly recap of the best of the TU’s community blogging team.

Someone alerted me that I’ve been neglect in promoting any of the region-based blogs in this series.  You know, the Pine Hills blog, the Malta blog, the Colonie blog…

Wow.  I didn’t realize that I had let those blogs slip through the cracks.

My bad.  And with that, I’ve made a conscious effort to read more of the bloggers that I haven’t read as often as I should.

So let’s rectify this, shall we?

This week’s ten blogs you should read – in addition to other community and independent blogs on the Times Union’s blog portal include:

  1. Christopher Marblo’s Arts Center of the Capital Region blog, “Unlearning = learning.(Read this first.)
  2. Sonja Stark’s “PilotGirl” blog, “A cautious walk through Temple Square in SLC.
  3. Molly-Kate Webster in the Pine Hills blog, “Pancakes for water in Tanzania.
  4. Hadeer Nagah in the “Muslim Women” blog, “When the Subject is ‘my’ religion.
  5. Kim Swidler in the “TravelGal” blog, “I’ll be on WAMC Radio again on March 19th!(Hey, that’s today!  Tune in at 2pm!)
  6. Assemblyman Jim Tedisco’s blog, “Starve the beast with Common Core Parental Refusal Act.
  7. Casey Polomaine in the “30-Love” blog, “The Worst Form of Flattery.
  8. Tom Michalek in the Teachers blog, “People need to do their homework.
  9. Nicole Arciello in the “Animal Rights”blog, “Eat vegan for a day March 20.
  10. Carin Lane in the Healthy Life blog, “Fit Tip Tuesday!: Is agave nectar better than sugar?

See, this is what I’m talking about.  I’m sharing the TU’s community blogs with you, and you’ve shared that there are even more community and independent blogs on the portal.  So I can share those as well.  Awesome.

So have a great day and enjoy these blog posts – and many others on the TU portal!