And my basketball bracket is STILL perfect…

Can you believe it?  I mean, how many of you have watched as your bracket got completely obliterated by upsets and buzzer-beating miracle shots?

Yeah, your bracket is a mess, isn’t it?

I don’t wnat to gloat, but… mine is actually still intact and perfect.

So who did I pick?  Georgia State?  Alabama-Birmingham?

Nope.  I picked Brampton and Halifax, among others.

Oh, I’m sorry… you thought I was talking about the NCAA basketball tournament bracket, weren’t you?  Silly you…

So here’s the deal.  Three weeks ago, I appeared on the NBL Canada’s “NBL Canada Live!” podcast with Audley Stephenson and Meghan McPeek, and we had a nice chat about how the season progressed and where the playoffs will head.

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Above is a link to the broadcast.

Now mind you, these basketball predictions were made three weeks ago.  Anything could have happened from then to now.  But let’s recap, shall we?

My playoff predictions start at 34:40 of the podcast.

The first-round series are best-of-five affairs, and I said that in the Central Division (all four teams are in Ontario), the division-leading Windsor Express would knock off the Mississauga Power, and I said that Mississauga would not win more than one game in the contest.  Yep.  Express won 3-1, although that one game by Mississauga saw Canadian Tut Ruach go nuts with a playoff-record 48 points.  Correct prediction for Chuck.

Then, in the podcast, I say “The Brampton A’s have just enough to win the series (against the London Lightning) in five.”  Yep, last night was Game 5 and Brampton took it, advancing to the division finals.  Correct prediction for Chuck.

Now in the Atlantic Division, where all four teams are in the Maritimes, I already knew at the time of recording the blog post, that the Atlantic Division regular season champion Halifax Rainmen were tied with the cellar-dwelling Moncton Miracles 1-1 in their best-of-five affair.  I said Halifax in four games out of five.  Halifax won the next two to claim the series.  Correct prediction for Chuck.

Their opponents would be the winners of the Saint John (N.B.) Mill Rats / (Charlottetown, PEI) Storm battle.  I said that the series would go the full five games, and that the Storm “would squeak by” in Game 5 of the series.  And sure enough, thanks to a Mike Williams miracle shot with less than a second to play, the Storm advanced.  Correct prediction for Chuck.

Yep.  Four for four.  Allow me to take a few seconds to brush the dust off my shoulders and do the Dougie.

So what are my predictions for the rest of the series?

Windsor-Brampton will be a battle, but in that best-of-seven matchup I’m saying the Brampton A’s will win in six games.  Their opponents would be Halifax, who would prevail over the Storm in the full seven games.

So now it’s Brampton and Halifax. And after I predict a couple of close games and a couple of blowouts, I expected the series to go to Game 7… with Halifax winning by five points and taking the championship.

Damn.  With this kind of success, I should already have the Kentucky Derby winners, the World Series winners, and the stock market all calculated.

As I said in a previous post, I don’t play the NCAA tournament brackets any more, based on how I feel the games have been manipulated and how certain divisions are forced to play “play-in” games as if they haven’t truly earned their place in the Round of 64.

But this being said… your man is perfect in the first round of the NBL Canada playoff series.

In other words… best to not mess with a ring-wearing champion.  😀