Another win for the TU Community Bloggers

If you know me by now, you understand that I am extremely supportive of my fellow Times Union community bloggers.  Heck, I set aside my blog every Thursday to champion their posts and to promote their writings.

And I do this because, in the past, the TU has eschewed promoting their work in favor of showcasing their staff bloggers.  And it took my nagging and nudging to get the paper to restore the print “Best of Our Blogs” section.  And it took more nagging and nudging to make sure that the “Best of Our Blogs” wasn’t just a one-time return to the print edition.

My latest goal has been to convince the TU to even the playing field in their “Best of the Capital Region” annual survey.  For years, the category of “Best Blogger” was limited to selectable choices of staff bloggers, non-TU blogging teams, and “Other.”  Not a single TU community blogger was listed, unless you wanted to add them as a write-in candidate.

My goal?  Convince the TU to modify the poll so that at least two TU community bloggers were offered as selectable choices.

Well, they didn’t do that.

Instead, they did the next best thing.

The category of “Best Blogger,” along with the rest of the TU survey, is now a full write-in poll.  In other words, every local blogger – TU staff, TU community or non-TU affiliated – has an equal vote.

That’s right.  There’s no more choosing between Kristi Gustafson Barlette and “Other.”  There’s no pick-back between Steve Barnes and “Other.”  Now everybody is the “Other,” and everybody can be voted on in an equal procedure.

And I call that a win.

So, what does that mean?

Simple.  Now you have an opportunity to vote for the Times Union community blogger of your choice to win the “Best Blogger in the Capital Region” category.  You go to this survey and enter all your favorite choices.

And when it comes to the “Best Blogger” category, go back to the blogs I’ve posted every Thursday.  Check out the posts by Rob Hoffman and Stephanie Snyder and Ken Screven and Fran Rossi Szpylczyn and Rob Hoffman and Gina Peca and Bryan Huba and Mary Martin and Dan Lyons and Liz Lemery Joy and Alan Rudnick and Zan Strumfeld and Roger Green and Jeannine Trimboli and Sonja Stark and Lawrence White and Carl Strock and everybody else.

This is the chance to give your favorite TU community blogger the votes he/she deserves.

There’s just one TU blogger, however, that I do NOT want you to vote for.  And even before this poll was modified, I have felt that this person does NOT deserve to be part of this poll.

In other words, plain and simple, do not write “Chuck Miller” in the best blogger line.

There’s so many other bloggers out there whose works are more interesting than mine, and those people are the ones who deserve your consideration.

Me?  I’m just a guy who gets up in the morning, writes a blog, talks about stuff, and has done this for the past five and a half years without fail.

But I don’t need an award to justify or to validate my blog.

Every time you read my blog, every morning you click on that picture of me with my face blocked by my old Nikon D700, every time you do this – that’s validation enough for me.

Now go out there and vote.  Vote for the TU community blogger of your choice, but by all means, please vote!