“Breakfast Cereal” restaurant new to Bombers lineup (APRIL FOOL’S DAY)

According to this news report, Bombers Burrito Bar Matt Baumgartner, who also owns Wolff’s Biergarten and several other business ventures in the Capital District, will premiere his new breakfast-themed restaurant, “Breakfast Cereal,” this weekend.

The restaurant, which will open temporarily in the shuttered Sciortino’s Diner (previously the Miss Albany Diner) on Broadway in Albany, will feature a new twist on breakfast fare.  All the menu items will have sugary breakfast cereals as their main ingredient, but will also contain a modern twist that should entice new diners.

“We’re looking forward to bringing people new tastes in their morning routine,” said Baumgartner in a prepared statement by Bombers representative Connie Morgan.  “No other place in the Capital District will you be able to enjoy a bowl of gourmet Froot Loops with a side of quinoa, or marinated Frosted Flakes in sihracha sauce.”

Other menu items available at the “Breakfast Cereal” restaurant will include “Burrito Krispies,” which will feature Bombers’ famous burritos with Rice Krispies replacing the burrito meat; “Cap’ns’ Tacos,” in which the taco shell will be made by the same ingredients as those that are found in a bowl of Cap’n Crunch; and the “Fred Flintstone Morning Breakfast,” which is the deluxe-thick T-bone steak, along with mashed potatoes, wheat toast, bacon, and a garnish of Fruity Pebbles on the top.  Cocoa Pebbles is optional.

The restaurant will soft-open at Sciortinos until a new restaurant is built.

For more information and to order your breakfast foods, as well as a coupon good for 50% off of your first order, go to this link.