Jamario Moon to be part of “Team Mill Rats” for The Tournament

Well, my interest in the upcoming “The Basketball Tournament” just jumped about 150 feet in the air.

And that’s because former NBA star Jamario Moon has just joined up with the team.

Okay, let me recap a smidge.

The team that will be known as “Team Mill Rats” is participating in The Basketball Tournament, a nationwide tournament featuring independent and professional hoops squads. Ninety-six teams will qualify, and they will play in single-elimination “knockout” rounds until the last four teams remain. Those four teams will play at Madison Square Garden in New York City, with the finals being broadcast by ESPN.

The lineup for “Team Mill Rats” already features some top NBL Canada and Premier Basketball League stars, and I just received word that they added power forward Jamario Moon to the lineup.

This is a major signing for “Team Mill Rats,” in that Jamario Moon has played for several years in the NBA.  This is a man who can say that he has, at one time or another in his NBA career, been teammates with LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and Blake Griffin.  Can you say that?  Without using the words “on my PlayStation team”?

Thought so.

But if you spent a chilly night watching the Albany Patroons at the Washington Avenue Armory, you would have seen Jamario Moon flying through the air, ball in hand, hoop nearby, slam, wham, two points in the hand.

Here.  Let me refresh your memory.

Jamario Moon of the Albany Patroons with a monster dunk




Hopefully that refreshed your memory.

Or maybe I should post a YouTube clip about J-Moon’s classic dunk shows in the NBA.

Or this clip, which features one of my Patroons photos in the video (yeah, Turner Sports paid me for that photo … eventually …):

So now that there’s another Patroon on this squad (plus Gabe Freeman, who played for Albany in 2008-09), how about joining the team and supporting this Team Mill Rats squad?

If you want to help the Mill Rats enter this million-dollar tournament, go to this link and sign up. All you do is fill in your name and address, and then click on a link that will be sent to your personal e-mail account. Simple as that.

Now is there an incentive for you to sign up?

Sure there is.

When the Patroons – er, Mill Rats – win the tournament, the team’s registered fans can win a share of the million dollar prize, from $5,000 to championship T-shirts.

Now you want to go to this link and sign up, right? Of course you do.

And if Team Mill Rats does make it to the tournament, my plan is to grab the Nikon Df and some high-speed action lenses, and road-trip to Philadelphia or Chicago or – you know they’ll make it to – New York City for the finals.

But they’re not going to be able to achieve this goal without a rooting section.

You can be that rooting section.

So what are you waiting for? Go to this link and sign up already.

Right now, the Mill Rats can use your vote and your support.

This should be just as easy as a J-Moon slam dunk.

Oh yeah. We saw lots of those in the Armory back in the day.

So let’s see them again. What do you say?

Want to vote?

Of course you do!