Online auction bidding? There’s an app for that…

There it is.  Right there in an auction hundreds of miles away.  You can get it.  You have enough money to purchase it.  You just have to find a way to place your bids and have them accepted by the auction house.

You could call in your bid (like a “phone bid”), and be that mysterious buyer at the other end of the phone line.  Or you could submit a bid ahead of time (an “absentee bid”) and hope that your bid isn’t eclipsed without a chance to respond back.

I’ve got a better idea.  You can now visit thousands of auction houses worldwide, and bid on everything from antiques to artworks… with a simple application on your cell phone.

Live Auctioneers, the premier site for auction news and reviews, now allows customers and bidders to search and bid on everything from high-end treasures to unique artifacts, with the debut of Live Auctioneers’ new smartphone-based presents online bidding app.  It’s available through the Apple online app store and through Google’s Android store, and with the app you can battle against bidders and bids, just as if you were in the gallery in front of the gavel-pounding auctioneer.

You want a chance to bid on that awesome 19th-century oil painting?   You can do it from the comfort of your iPhone.  How about that super-swank toy figurine from the 1950’s?  Great way to test out your Samsung Galaxy 6.

For more information, visit Live Auctioneers’ website to download the free app, as well as see reviews of the product and participating auction houses.  And while you’re there, check out the possible lots that would look really nice in your home or office.

Besides… you know your “man cave” or “morning room” would just love that item that Sotheby’s has up for bids.  What are you waiting for?  Someone else to buy it out from under your nose?