Well, there goes my summer movie hopes…

The Disney film Tomorrowland didn’t perform as well as Disney would have hoped.  Granted, it was a “tentpole” feature, but apparently there weren’t enough campers interested in it.

So because of that, the House of Mouse has decided to halt production on its other futuristic movie franchise.

No, not the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.

No, there’s still plenty of Pixar sequels coming out.

Unfortunately for me, the film that Disney is killing off…

Is TRON 3.

According to this article in the Hollywood Reporter, Disney has chosen to go in a different direction with its summer movie schedule; as it will instead create live-action versions of its animated classics.  Those are going to be the tentpoles for the future summer movie seasons.  And according to this article in Variety, not only are there Disney films in the pipeline; there are also Marvel films, Pixar films, and a few Star Wars films.

I mean, it’s not like they haven’t tried to extend TRON as a movie franchise.  There are a couple of TRON home video games; there was a TRON animated series on one of the Disney cable channels, heck there’s been TRON references in Disney’s Once Upon a Time TV show.

I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up for a change of heart.  Studios have to spend money to make money, and if a film series can’t generate the box office funds, then there’s no reason for Disney or any other film studio to continue making new films in the series.  For example, you are aware that there are seven or eight Chronicles of Narnia stories, but only three of the stories were made into films, with the last two barely making back their budgets?

Yeah, I guess I was hoping too much.  That there might be a slim chance that this film could still be made.

I mean, it did take Disney 28 years to make TRON: Legacy after the release of the original film…

Maybe there’s hope.

Yeah, and maybe the sun will rise in the west.