A Barn, a Bridge and a Canopy at the TRASK

Last year, I participated in the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation’s Spirit of Life and Spencer Trask Memorial Restoration Campaign, as one of my Dream Windows appeared at the 2014 TRASK Art Show and Sale.

This year, I decided to go in a different direction.  No Dream Window this time; instead, since the theme of the art show involves the spirit of Saratoga, let’s see what I can capture in terms of a Saratoga Springs / Saratoga County image.  With that in mind, I chose three images from my catalog – a photo that I took five years ago with discontinued film; an atmospheric shot from 2013 that I nearly forgot about; and a photo taken with my new infrared kick.

So I found out Monday that at least one of my three submissions for the 2015 TRASK art show have been accepted.  This is nice.  #chuckishappy

And yesterday I received a second e-mail – that all three images I submitted have been accepted for the TRASK.  Awesome-sauce with a side order of amaze-balls.  #chuckisdancingaroundtheroom

For me, these photos represent the beauty and depth of my Adirondack excursions.  I made sure to double-check that each photo was taken in Saratoga County; and instead of going for the usual suspects – the race tracks, downtown, the Congress Park monuments – I chose instead to produce three images that helped me find beauty and tranquility.

So which photos made the cut?

These three photos made the cut.

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So here’s the deal.  These three pictures, along with the artworks of nearly eighty other Capital District artists, will be available for silent bidding and purchase on Thursday, June 11, 2015 from 6:30p to 930p at the Canfield Casino in Congress Park in Saratoga Springs.

Yes, I’m excited.   My work will hang along with so many other fantastic photographers and painters and sculptors and artists of elegance.

Hey, what am I doing just blogging about it?  I’ve got three images to print and prepare and foam-board and frame and wire and deliver!  Sorry, gotta get my images off to McGreevy Pro Lab, since I need to get my pieces to Saratoga by next week.  Gotta hurry, can’t stop to talk…

I have to make sure these pictures look their best.  Because if all goes well, they will hang on the walls of businesses and homes and offices and cabins throughout the Northeast.

Big smiles, folks.