– a new website by women, for women

We need to take a moment, as a society, and celebrate diversity and all that it brings.  We need to celebrate different points of view.  We need a moment to celebrate the achievements of all of us.

Which is why I’m taking this moment to introduce you to a brand new website,  This is a new website created to showcase and celebrate and understand the world through feminine eyes and perspectives.  It’s a safe haven for those who wish to express their support without fear of misogynistic attacks or vicious, vulgar vilification.   In other words, is an online media site for women, about women, and by women.

But don’t just take my word for it.  I’ve asked one of the founders of, Lady Jess, to explain the need for a website like  Here’s what she has to say. is a celebration of women, for women, by women, about women and women’s issues. What we represent is the feminine perspective on online media: web video (usually has some cursing, though I do limit myself nowadays), article writing, comics, fandom, issues of harassment, and other things that affect the women’s world. What we hope to encompass and achieve is a unique perspective on women and their views on the world (without the harassment as we do not tolerate harassment on Circle Plus, regardless of gender). We want to be a safehaven for women who wish to express themselves.

My right hand Holly, has been amazing at helping me with the nitty gritty. She helped me in meetings, she’s good at memos (They are amazing. I feel so important when she writes one, like this is an honest to God company or something which it is, but I’m 28, I don’t get a lot of memos that aren’t from graduate school). The girls were handpicked at the MAGFest Festival of 2015, though I had the idea in my head since 2013. Each of them brings something different to the table, whether it be unique or just plain weird (we have a Baker on the site). We have 7 contributors: 5 video producers on various topics, 1 producer who does video and comics, and an article writer. We also have 3 administrators who monitor social media and the comments (Val), marketing and promotions (Holly), and web design (myself). I wear so many hats.

Whatever you like, you can find something. We talk about the feminist perspective more often than not (like myself, who produces Fool’s Gold, is doing the Femme Fatale in July for my legendary Pre-Code month), but we have something for everyone, we are more than one dimensional and we want to prove that. That’s what makes Circle Plus important. It’s what holds us together and how it makes us more than we are.

So, on behalf of Calluna, ThatCurvyChick, Holly, Val, Viga, The Feminist Baker, Miss Nightmare, Tricksterbelle, and myself, we hope you visit with an open mind and that you stay with an open heart.

Jessica a.k.a. Lady Jess
Co-President and Founder of Circle Plus does have something going for it.  The staffers and writers and bloggers and video artists on the site not only speak from the distaff perspective, but their ideas and their concepts are worth appreciating and enjoying and commenting upon.

Besides, in an era where women have to deal with trolls and griefers and cyberbullies and marginalizers who minimize the ideas and concepts of the distaff mind, I am glad there’s a site like that actually celebrates and encourages thought and perspective and dialogue.

Let’s put it this way.  The site has intelligent and erudite opinions and discussions.  You would certainly benefit from visiting the site, whether or not you are a man or a woman.

So by all means, click on this link and visit  You’ll be glad you did.