“Don’t break stride, Just Vic!”

Every step forward takes one closer to the final goal.

And for Just Vic, the bay colt standardbred gelding who crashed on the track at Saratoga Harness a few months ago, this was only his second race back from injury.

Ninth race.  Wearing number five.  And I always bet on #5.  It’s good luck.

All I wanted for the horse today was something simple.  Complete the race, don’t break stride, and finish in the money.

Let’s do this.  Here comes the truck with the moving gate.  Here come the horses.  And they’re off.  And Just Vic drops back in the pack.  Oh man.  Here we go again.

Dead last at the halfway mark.  Come on.  You can do this.

And at the three-quarter mark, Just Vic made his move.  Keep trotting.  Don’t break stride.  Come on.  You can do this.  And the horse moved forward.  Closer.  Closer.  Up to the front of the pack.  Fourth place.  Third place… Here comes the #8 horse, Montana Skies…


And Just Vic finished fourth in the race.  He never broke stride.  And if I had him with the right horses in the Superfecta – I could have won over $80 for a 10-cent bet.

He’s coming back.  Step by step.  Race by race.

Keep the faith.  Keep the belief.  And someday, if all goes well and the stars align…

… then maybe his next race will be to the winner’s circle.