A coffee-table book on Frontier Town’s history and legacy

I’ve written about Frontier Town, the Adirondack Wild West theme park, in past blogs.  I’ve even taken some photographs on what’s left of the amusement park’s campus.

And over the weekend, I received a new book on the park’s history and legacy.

The cool thing?  It’s a coffee table book with tons of pictures and stories and anecdotes and memorabilia; and the deluxe edition of the book has a hand-carved leather slipcase that looks like the tooling on a saddle.


Frontier Town Abandoned Theme Park: Then and Now.
Frontier Town Abandoned Theme Park: Then and Now.

The book, Frontier Town Abandoned Theme Park Then and Now, written and assembled by Jennifer ST.Pierre and Tammy Whitty-Brown, contains nearly 200 pages of stories and memories of the park – how it was built, who worked there, the musicians that performed, the rodeos, the train rides, everything.  Many of these pictures were taken by park visitors and employees, and shows an amazing look into the evolution of a theme park that, for a time, was the largest employer in the area.

ST.Pierre and Whitty-Brown have done an amazing job of assembling and gathering these stories, and putting them together in a detailed coffee-table book.  It’s hard to read the book and not have your own personal flashbacks of the amusement park and all its fun.

The book is available through many North Country gift shops, and can be ordered through the website of one of the authors.  You can also visit the Frontier Town legacy Facebook page.

I’m glad I purchased my copy of this book – it really does give a great overview of what it was like to work at – or to visit – a classic Adirondack theme park.  And it’s definitely a cool collection of memories and stories.

Makes me wish I could go back to the 1960’s and spend a day there.