Summer Bowl VI is today…

Every year, the competition for the Capital District’s trivia elite becomes more and more acute.  And there are only two trophies worth winning for the bar and tavern trivia teams – the big bowl from February’s Trivia Bowl, and the summer classic “Silver Shaker” of Summer Bowl.

And today is the day for Summer Bowl, the sixth annual showcase of the immortals.

Over time, my Street Academy trivia team has evolved and grown and changed rosters and continued on a winning streak.  In fact, not only is the Street Academy the defending champion in Summer Bowl, we’ve won three of the last five (and lost one of those two trophies in a tiebreaker).

The thing is… there are a couple dozen teams that want this championship.  And they’re ready to take it.

And we’re ready to defend it.

And this afternoon, at 1pm at the Holiday Inn Express in Latham…

The competition begins once again.

Here are the teams for Summer Bowl VI….

  • Street Academy (Summer Bowl Champions I, III, V)
  • Tap This (Summer Bowl Champions II)
  • Send It In Jerome (Summer Bowl Champions IV)
  • Clay Aiken Skidmarks (current Trivia Bowl champions)
  • Lynch’s Mob (two-time Trivia Bowl champions)
  • Woo Hoo A Go Go
  • Dan 2010
  • The FIST
  • Red-Headed Step Kids
  • Space Monkey Mafia
  • Circle Of Jerks
  • Ketcham
  • Team 3
  • 10 Years Gone
  • Easy Riders on Route 106
  • El Chupa Cabra
  • JD’s Big Bonus
  • There Is No “I” In Bang
  • Teammates
  • Lou Diamond Pull-Ups
  • And In 1st Place….
  • Twaiters
  • Blue Barracudas
  • Team Dack
  • Who Ya Gonna Call?
  • Cromartie’s Kids
  • Mookie Blaylock

So good luck to all participating squads.  Someone’s going to win the Silver Shaker this afternoon.

And the recap will appear in Sunday’s blog post.



Let’s go!