The White Tower Computer: 2007-2015

It officially suffered a crippling blow on Wednesday evening, when it encountered some virulent malware.  My homemade computer, which I built in 2007 with a Windows Vista operating system (which it still had and worked well with) has finally fallen to dust.

By the time it reached its eighth birthday, my “white tower” had its hard drives cloned twice; it also had a video card replacement and a couple of other minor tweaks.  But other than that, the computer worked like a charm.

And now comes the evolution.  The time for me to break down and get a new desktop computer.

Thankfully, I saved all my installation discs for word processing software, photo editing software, and other software necessities.  And all my texts and photos and other necessary materials were stored on two different hard drives – “B” and “E” – while my software remained on my “C” drive.  I’m having the “C” drive cloned and stored as a backup drive, so that if there are any chunks of data or photos on that drive, I won’t lose them.

But as for the “C” drive itself… I’m wiping it clean.  I’m scrubbing it of any malware or software or anyware.  It’s time for an upgrade anyway.

I suppose I was prepared for this.  By storing my files on separate hard drives away from the “C” drive, I can still use those drives in a new tower.  And that’s presuming that I’m going to purchase a store-built tower, or if I go to Computer Renaissance and get a refurbished tower…

And I can still work on my other materials as necessary; I have my personal laptop (which yes, it also runs Vista), so I can still do things like update my blog or take care of other personal projects.  I may be down, but I’m not out.

Again… I’ve dealt with computer issues in the past.  I’ve had malware and viruses attack my machines, and I’ve fought back with software patches and anti-virus products.  I’ve increased my tower’s memory and processing, but at some point I knew all I was doing was treading water.

So my plan right now is to get a new Windows operating system – either a legacy system that can upgrade to Win 10, or get Win 10 outright (although I’m sure that with new operating systems, there are more bugs in them than in a New York City flophouse).  But then again, I think back – and I realize that I built the “white tower” to last for as long as possible.  And it did.

And trust me, I’ve gone through some computers in my lifetime.  And that includes a Windows 3.1-packed Packard Bell 386 monochrome laptop that I purchased at my local Sears.  You want to know how much upgrading I could do with that bad boy?  NONE.  It barely handled America Online dial-up connections, and about all I could add to it was a math co-processor.  I think the watch on my wrist today has more processing power than that piece of ecch.

But again, things evolve over time.  Even computers.  And although the White Tower may have outlived its true end-of-life status, perhaps the new self-built tower will exceed that eight-year lifespan.

So how about we check back in the blog at this time in 2023?

I’ll be here if you will. 🙂