Tetrameter the bear and his three challenges

I drove home one evening with tears in my eyes
Emotions of pain that were so realized
Rejection, dejection, apprehension and then
I felt like my life wasn’t worth it again

I sat on my porch, my whole world was shattered
My soul crushed and bleeding, my heart ripped and tattered
I was ready to waive the white flag of defeat
As felt I was walking a dark, lonely street

Nothing felt right, I felt stumbled so long
Even a breeze felt too windy and strong
“Does it matter?” I thought, my essence now prone
Was it time to give up and say, “Lord, take me home…”

In the distance, I heard what I thought was a roar
Perhaps ’twas my neighbor, halfway through a snore
But in all honesty, the depression was thick
To the point where my living was making me sick

A roar?  One more?  It seemed so much closer
Perhaps someone hurt himself fixing a toaster
But maybe that roar – yes it sounded familiar
Something to chime in my memory’s interior

What was it, what was it, the roar more intense
It almost took over my whole recompense
And then – for a second – my brain gave a clue
Tetrameter the bear … is that really you?”

“Good tidings, friend Miller,” the black bruin roared
And for half a moment my emotions all soared
A poetic bear that’s been shot from the tree
Could maybe understand what’s been happening to me

“Tetrameter,” I said, “Pray what brings you here?
“I haven’t seen you in more than two years.
“Are you on the run from those big EnCon tanks
“Who shoot at your hide with those sleepy-dart tranqs?”

The big grizzly smiled with his big grizzly grin
“I don’t have to worry from those old EnCon men
“The last time they bothered me, I roared like I could
“And they did in their pants what I do in the woods.”

“Well it is nice to see you,” I softly replied
“But I still don’t know what you’re doing here and why
“You certainly can’t be here looking for me
“And if you did … I’m just not good company.”

“I didn’t come by for giggles and tricks,”
Tetrameter said, and gave his jowls a lick
“Sometimes I know when people are blue
“So what in the world is bothering you?”

“I just received word that someone passed away
“A person who once made my blue life very gray
“It’s almost as if I’m expected to grieve
“But all I can shed now are tears of relief.”

“Did that person cause pain, and make you just struggle
“That your world when you think of that person is a jumble?”
And in a few moments, that bear’s words seemed clear
It was a fearful person from whom I no longer must fear

“It’s not worth my time,” I groaned with a sigh
“And to go to the funeral, I just don’t know why
“The only person who bothered to tell me of the passing
“Is probably thinking about me and laughing.”

The bear sat down on the sidewalk near me
And swatted away a yellow bumblebee
“It’s easier to transfer their own pain to you,”
Tetrameter roared.  “It’s what sad people do.”

“Can I find some joy and peace in my life?
“Or is my short future just unwanted strife?
“I can’t believe, in all the world there
“I’m venting my problems on a poetic bear.”

At that moment in time, Tetrameter said,
“You need not worry of other peoples’ dread
“For those who have passed, their time is of peace
“No more should you worry.  No more should they grieve.

“They can no longer be thought as your enemy
“Their damage to you must be a fleeting memory
“You’ve already conjured up one small solution
“I think you called it a 49th resolution?”

“Sometimes that’s hard,” I said rather glumly
“I try and I fail and I feel like a dummy
“I just wish my resolve was stronger than ever
“And just trying to put my empty life together.”

At that point, the bear of meter and prose
swatted away another bee from his nose
And said, “My friend, to make your life true
“I challenge you, three things you must do.

“I know you are skilled with that thing ’round your neck
“You take some great pictures – the best, yes, by heck
“My first challenge to you, I know you can try
“Is to capture a rainbow in a rainy-less sky.

“And then, my friend, if that isn’t a stopper
“Then capture a moon made of nothing but copper
“Your challenge of three – I do decree
“Is to photo your demons and then set them free.”

The bear then stood up on his four paws and said,
“If you do these three things, before you are dead
“Your life will improve, your emotions will soar
“And you will not be troubled by your past any more.”

“But how do you know that these three things are able?
“It’s like finding a wobble in a three-legged table.”
“Fear not,” said the bear, as he started to leave,
“These goals and these quests will help you to grieve.”

I had so many questions, like how does a bear
Know of my sorrows and of all my despair
But before I could ask him one more single word
He was gone.  As if the EnCon men had returned.

A copper moon.  A rainbow in a rainless sky.
And photographing something to then say bye bye.
Are these three quests some requests to take me to school
Or are these requests the errands of fools?

Maybe the tasks are to challenge my heart
And not think about it being shredded apart
These goals… if I survive them… as that bear implored…
Perhaps I won’t feel that pain any more.