Best of our TU Community Blogs, September 10, 2015: Ten for Thursday

Something I want to mention before I do this week’s recap.

On occasion, I will get a post or an e-mail or a Facebook message from someone who’s suggested that one of my blog posts be listed among the Ten for Thursday recap.  And while I’m humbled and flattered by the response, I’ve made it very clear – these recaps are for my fellow TU community bloggers.  The goal is that if you read these bloggers and their blogs, that you will eventually read other works by these talented writers and observers.

Me?  I’m just going to step aside and let everybody else shine today.

So this week’s recap of blog goodness by our good bloggers includes:

  1. Azra Haqqie’s “Muslim Women” blog, “Breaking down stereotypes of Muslim women in America.” (Read this first.)
  2. David Kalish’s “The Ruminator” blog, “My unlucky cancer journey, as told in The Washington Post.
  3. Megan Willis’ “East Hysteria, N.Y.” blog, “Camptastic Flashback from Fish Creek Pond. Darlin’, fetch me a juice pouch.”
  4. Rob Hoffman in the “Hoffman Files” blog, “‘Slacktivists’ of the World, Unite!
  5. Sonja Stark’s “PilotGirl” blog, “Pedaling to bicentennial town: Kingston, Canada.
  6. Professor Warren Roberts’ blog, “The idea of a common good.
  7. Carl Strock’s blog, “Mindful or mindless?
  8. Stacey Morris’ health blog, “Take the Schleptember Challenge!
  9. Roger Green’s “Information Without the Bun” blog, “Illusory Superiority.
  10. Sara Rose Wheeler’s “Roaring Twenties” blog, “Things to remember this school year.

So I hope you enjoyed this week’s recap of quality TU blogs by quality TU community bloggers.  Have a great day!