“¿noʎ ʇ,uop ‘uʍop-əpısdn sı əɹnʇɔıd ɹnoʎ ʍouʞ noʎ”

There’s a spot on Broadway, maybe about half a mile from the Arnoff Building, that has a very special treat after a rainstorm.

See, about two months ago, I was testing some high-contrast B&W film in my newly-acquired Leica, and I achieved this picture.

Nipper's reflection cropped
Nipper’s reflection cropped. Leica M3 camera, Summicron 50mm lens, Kodak Ektagraphic HC film. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Now this is truly nice… but it’s developed into an inspiration rather than a completed goal.   The contrast looks great on the surface road, but the reflection looks way too washed out.

Can I get this reflection again?

Last Saturday, after another gully-washing rainstorm drenched the Capital District, I decided to snoop around Sunday morning and see if this magical puddle could still give me a decent reflection on the RCA dog statue.  This time, instead of using my film cameras, I gave some love to my trusty Nikon Df digital camera.

//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsAnd thanks to my 80-200 f/2.8 telephoto lens, I was able to angle the shot just … about … right … a little up … a little to the right … and…

Hold still, Nipper, and listen to your master’s voice.

Nipper reflection
Nipper’s Flipside. Nikon Df camera, Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8 lens. Photo by Chuck Miller.


Much better.  That telephoto lens works wonders.  I’ve had that bad boy for about ten years now, it’s been my constant through three different Nikon DSLR cameras.

Okay, enough camera-gloating.  Let’s get this picture set up for future events.

I posted the picture on various sites – my flickr site, as well as to my Facebook and reddit accounts.

Interesting conversation I had on reddit regarding this photo.  Although the picture did get plenty of “up-votes,” which was a nice thing in and of itself… one redditor thought something was off about the picture.

“Photo is upside down”

I responded.  “I flipped it, I like it better this way.”


“I know but the way the sidewalk is I can’t help know it’s upside down. It just looks wonky”

Hey, nobody calls my Df wonky.  That term is reserved for my Soviet B&W Svema film, comrade! 🙂

Honestly, though, if I had the picture in the other orientation, it would emphasize the puddle and not the reflection.  This way, the reflection stands out more than the puddle.

Maybe, though, if I ever enter this picture in competition season or charity season or any other season, maybe I’ll wire the picture up with two distinct hangers – so that the new owner of the photo may orient the image to his or her own taste.

Besides, with all the different ways that dog has been photographed over the years…

It’s nice to find a new angle.

You know, sort of like teaching an old dog a new trick.