Wasn’t 52 years of bad luck enough?

The things I go through to create an art project…

In most cases, I can find everything I need for my art projects in any one of several different Capital District locales.  If I need a Queen Anne window for a Dream Window project, I can swing over to Silver Fox Salvage or Historic Albany Parts Warehouse and find some good windows for great art.  If I need stained glass, I can stop at Hobby Lobby and get whatever I need; if they don’t have it, I can send away to several different online retailers.  Any other materials?  That’s why there’s Lowe’s, Home Depot, Jo-Ann Fabric, Michaels, etc…

So here’s the deal.  I have an upcoming Dream Window project in which I wanted to add a blue mirror to the final result.  Unfortunately… I can get silver mirrors, and I can get wavy glass that has been “silvercoated,” but I can’t find just plain blue mirrored glass.

I kept looking, looking, looking… none of my online sellers had any blue mirrored glass, and I was getting frustrated.  This is like asking Gainsborough to paint without his blue oils.

Keep looking, keep looking …

Hey, I found one.  I found an antique blue mirror, and the dimensions look like it’ll just fit my Dream Window project, with maybe a few slivers left over.  I paid for the mirror, and waited for it to arrive.  Meanwhile, another antique blue mirror popped up on eBay.  Well, I don’t need two mirrors… so I let the second mirror go to another bidder.

The other day, a package arrived.

Oh good, here’s my pane of mirrored glass –

Wait… why is the box making that noise?

You know the “noise.”

The “noise” that means something is shifting around inside.

Oh crud.

I carefully opened the box… only to see that the mirror I needed was fractured.  The shipper wrapped the glass in bubble wrap, then packed the parcel in styrofoam peanuts.  The glass was not reinforced in any way; and even a tap along the bubble wrap would have caused the glass to crack.  Which is exactly what it did.  ARRGHH

And although the merchant graciously returned my money for the broken glass, and apologized for the situation…

I was now out of luck.  The other blue mirror was gone, sold to another customer.  Any other blue mirrors that would have fit my project were part of expensive coffee tables and decorative furniture, and were WAY out of my price range.

Damn it damn it damn it…

Of course, now comes the other thought.

I’m in possession of a broken mirror.

Does this mean I’m also in possession of seven years’ bad luck?

I sure as hell hope not… because I’ve already had 52 years of bad luck, and I’m not interested in a contract extension for same. 😀