Ryan West and the #RyFight

I still remember the first time I played trivia at Brown’s Brewing.  It was a Wednesday night, and the place was packed tighter than a sardine can.  The host of the trivia game was a young man named Ryan West.  And his rapport with the trivia teams was amazing.

Ryan had the game well-organized.  There were six categories each night, ten questions per category.  And the categories could be anything from Troy history to Sesame Street, from English Premier League soccer to RPI fraternities.  It was a wildly entertaining game, and it allowed me the opportunity to experience a different trivia competition than my standard “Trivia Nights Live” matchups.  In fact, Ryan was my teammate at Trivia Bowl V, and we had a good time that afternoon (even it if was at Broadway Joe’s, where the air conditioner gave out and the building was probably 125° at the coolest).

Eventually Ryan West moved on from the Wednesday night trivia contests at Brown’s; he would later create the New York Trivia League in New York City, which is wildly popular in and of itself.  He was a part of several Ultimate Disc teams in the Capital District, and on occasion he would come back upstate to work at TulipFest or LarkFest or some other Fest.

Ryan West is a great guy.  He really is.

Which is why, when I saw this news earlier today… I couldn’t believe it.

Let me share this with you.

Hello People of Facebook.I wanted to take a moment and thank all my wonderful friends that took it upon themselves to…

Posted by Ryan West on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

You can click on the “see more” button, but let me fill you in.

My friend Ryan West was diagnosed with cancer.  Stage 4.  It’s already in his liver and his lymph nodes.

Ryan is a fighter.  Every day he breathes upon this earth is a day that cancer has not triumphed.  Every day he lives is another day that cancer has not won.

I know Ryan.  He never gives up.  And he never will.

And in Ryan’s corner are a thousand friends and family members and co-workers and well-wishers.  If at any time Ryan needs their help, I know they will be at his side in less than two heartbeats’ time.

Keep the faith, Ryan.  You have a long fight ahead of you, but you’re not in solo competition.  You’re fighting the good fight.  You’re fighting the #RyFight.

And to all my blog readers and friends – if you have an opportunity tonight or tomorrow or in the future, say an extra prayer of support for my buddy Ryan West.  Every prayer, every donation to a cancer research charity, every helping hand can bring us one step closer to a cure – and every instance of support can bring us one more day in the life of a good man.