K-Chuck Radio: Your Easy Listening Station

Back in the day, “easy listening” music didn’t have screaming guitars, screaming vocalists, or anything else that screamed.  It was mellow music (probably what you might call “Yacht Rock” today).  And the lyrics were cool – mostly about love and relationships, sometimes inspirational, sometimes wistful.

So if K-Chuck Radio became an easy listening station today… it might include these hits of past and present.

Capricorn Dancer

No he’s not related to Eric.  No he’s not pop singer Al Stewart under a pseudonym.  But yes, this is a great easy listening track.


Not “Harpo Marx,” this Swedish singer had a worldwide hit with this song, and one of the backup singers also doubled as a member of ABBA.

My Little Town

Think about this.  Nearly five years after these two awesome musicians went their separate ways, they reunited for this one-off song.  And this was before that Concert in Central Park where they reunited and had an amazing gathering in New York City.

Mystic Traveler

Once upon a generation or so ago, I had the 45 of Dave Mason’s “We Just Disagree.”  I flipped the record over and played this track.  And I never flipped the record back.

It’s Not Easy

International pop superstar Normie Rowe had a major hit with this song, which was written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil.  Technically, this could also be half of a Led Zeppelin song, in that Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones were session musicians for this track.

Welcome Me Love

You might know the Brooklyn Bridge from their monster ballad, “Worst That Could Happen.”  You might even know the lead singer, Johnny Maestro, from his time with the Crests and their hit “Sixteen Candles.”  This track also deserves plenty of love, and was one of the Brooklyn Bridge’s three total hits (along with “Blessed Is The Rain”).

There’s No Me Without You

If you only know The Manhattans from “Kiss And Say Goodbye,” or maybe you’ve heard their “other” hit, “Shining Star,” you’ve missed out on this little treasure.  Awesome track.

Where Do You Go To, My Lovely?

I heard this track on an internet streaming radio channel and it took me by surprise… a little waltz number that name-checks every fashionable moment in the 1960’s.  Dreamlike and sweet.

Sitting on a Poor Man’s Throne

The Copper Penny had a few hits in Canada, and this was one of their biggest tracks of all time.  And it’s got a nice Staple Singers “Respect Yourself” vibe to it.

Rudolph Valentino (Right Before Your Eyes)

While Ian Thomas’ biggest hit was the track “Painted Ladies,” he had this smooth track that could melt anybody’s chilly heart.  The band America covered this song in the mid-1980’s and had a hit with it as well.

And now that you’ve relaxed with a smooth brew of K-Chuck Radio…

You’re feeling better already.

I’m sure of it.