Could “Mystery Science Theater 3000” return to TV? Pretty please?

This is true.  About two decades ago, Saturday evenings at my home were dedicated to Comedy Central’s most popular program at the time; a television show that goofed on the worst motion pictures of all time.  It was almost as if you and your friends were the only ones in the theater, and the films were so bad you were ripping on the horrid acting, the nonsensical plotlines, the cheezee special effects…

And your buddies watching the film with you were a couple of snarky robots and a guy with a sardonic, rapier wit.

Yep.  I’m talking about Mystery Science Theater 3000.

That’s the show.  Crow T. Robot (the gold one on the left), Tom Servo (with the gumball machine head on the right), and their human companion Joel (later Mike) riffed on hundreds of the worst films of all time.  And for two hours every Saturday night, it was comedic gold.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 was the top show on a pre-South Park Comedy Central.  Eventually the show moved to the SciFi Channel (before it became “Syfy”) and ran for another few seasons.  Then it drifted into the sunset.

Well… maybe there’s a chance it might come back.

And you can help.

Yes you can.

Joel Hodgson, one of the creators of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and its first host) is currently Kickstarting a fundraiser to film three new episodes of MST3K, with the goal of getting the show back on television.  In two days, the fundraising campaign has already reached halfway towards its initial goal, and fans couldn’t be happier.

Here’s the pitch video.

What’s that?  Shut up and take my money?

Hell yeah.

This show was amazing in its time.  It was a complete laugh riot, whether the cast were trashing Santa Claus Conquers the Martians or The Horror of Party Beach or some godawful beach blanket movie like Catalina Caper.

I’m telling you, this stuff was gold.  And the idea of the show coming back… even if it’s a limited series run… really has me pumped.

Let’s face it.  With today’s crowdsourcing helping shows like Veronica Mars return to production, why not have a re-do with the Satellite of Love and Crow and Tom Servo and Cambot and Gypsy and … man, I’m getting seriously nostalgic for this.

Anyways, if you’re interested in adding your dollars to this project, click here for more information.

And keep circulating the tapes.

Oh wait… WE GOT MOVIE SIGN!!!!