Facebook’s memory dump

Facebook has a very annoying and disturbing little algorithm.  You log in, and among all the comments in your news feed it asks if you want to post a certain memory or moment from the past.  Usually it’s something involving a vacation you experienced, or a concert you enjoyed, or that moment when you first met the love of your life.

Lately for me, however, Facebook has been a bit of a taunt.

Yesterday, Facebook was kind enough to remind me of the time last year when I posted a status report involving my health.

See, on this day last year, I left my home in the Town and Village, walked down the porch steps, slipped on some ice, and landed back-shoulder-elbow onto the stairs.


No, let me rephrase that.


Yeah.  Hurt like hell.  And when the pain finally subsided, I posted a simple status report that I was okay and that I needed to maintain my steps more prudently in cold weather.

And sure enough, exactly one year to the day… Facebook posted a little notice and said to me that this might be a memory I would want to share with my friends.

I understand why Facebook does stuff like this.  It’s the same reason why they sometimes create a little FB memory video so that you can remember those great moments… except when their algorithms glean images that you don’t want to remember, or that those memories bring you grief or anguish.

Of course Facebook does this.  It’s Facebook.  We wouldn’t expect anything less, would we?

Facebook claims that they’ve been working on their algorithm to produce less depressing or upsetting content, but still…

I had completely forgotten about that slip and fall.  The minute I saw that Facebook memory post, I remembered exactly which shoulder and which elbow and how much of my back hurt that chilly winter morning.

So let me ask you… what is the worst “we’d like to share this memory” moment Facebook has ever thought you’d appreciate sharing?  You know… that moment when you looked at your computer and said, “You stupid Facebook…”