K-Chuck Radio: Those funny 1970’s pop hits…

Pop music in the 1970’s was a unique and varied mix.  There were easy-listening ballads, bouncy disco tracks, classic rock songs..

And then, probably every ninth or tenth song on your radio station’s playlist… was a song that just made you laugh.  Giggle.  The song was funny and satirical and you caught yourself humming it or singing it out loud and being kinda embarrassed for doing so.

I present these novelty songs to you today on K-Chuck Radio, to make you smile.  Or at least I hope you smile after you’ve heard these goofy classics.


Junk Food Junkie

This song actually made it to the Top 10, and even after listening to it a gazillion times on WPTR back in the day, I still couldn’t figure out what eating “good seesaw” was.  Did the guy devour a teeter-totter or something?

The Streak

Can you imagine if your high school’s sports team was known as “The Streakers” before 1974?  I bet that team name got changed faster than if your school was known as the “Fighting Tomahawks” or something.  DON’T LOOK, ETHEL!!!

Telephone Man

This song barely clocks in at a running time of two minutes, but man it had more double-entendre than a 70’s adult movie.  Hee hee hee…

C.B. Savage

There is no way this song could ever get played on the radio today.  “C.B. Savage” was a minor hit in 1977 (although WPTR played it like it was a #1 song, for some reason), and it was on the tail end of all the “citizens band radio” songs that started with C.W. McCall’s “Convoy.”  You have to hear this song to believe it.  Umm…

Up Your Nose

At the height of the popularity of the show “Welcome Back, Kotter,” Gabe Kaplan recorded this novelty hit; its title based on the show’s catchphrase of “Up your nose with a rubber hose.”  The scary thing?  John Travolta had a longer musical career than Kaplan did.  😀

Bloat On feat. the Bloaters

A parody of the Floaters’ chart-topper “Float On,” the first time I heard this on the radio it just made me roll over laughing.  As great as Cheech and Chong were as comedians and movie stars, it was their albums that just won us over with every spin and play.

Disco Duck (Part 1)

You want to know what really started the death knell for disco music?  IT WAS THIS SONG!!  Take a Memphis disc jockey and give him a funky house band of music… and just let it percolate.

King Tut

Come on, you think I was going to leave this track off the list?  When you figure that Steve Martin is one of America’s living legends in acting and humor, he can still make us smile with this little two-and-a-half minute goof song.

The Football Card

Forty years ago, we didn’t have DraftKings or FanDuel, we gambled with “football cards” – you bet on which team would win, or which team would beat the spread.

A bit of classic novelty to get you through the day… from your best Internet blog station out there, K-Chuck Radio!!