Best of our TU Community Bloggers, November 26, 2015: Ten for Thursday

Okay, I have to make sure things are taken care of before I go out to deliver Thanksgiving dinners.

Yep.  You know what “take care of” means.

It’s time to turn today’s blog over to showcasing my fellow Times Union community bloggers.  Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean that I forget it’s also Thursday.

And with that in mind…

May I show you ten great blogs by ten great community bloggers, including:

  1. Peter Bowden’s gardening blog, “Poinsettia paranoia.
  2. Tara Whittle’s “Northern Belle” blog, “Happy Thanks-IronBowl-Giving.
  3. Brian Huba’s “Cat’s Pajamas” blog, “#inontheaction.
  4. Fran Rossi Szpylczyn’s “There Will Be Bread” blog, “An Advent invitation.
  5. Lale Davidson’s “Out of the Ordinary” blog, “Forget black Friday. March green Saturday.
  6. Rob Hoffman’s “Hoffman Files” blog, “Give us your (non-Syrian) poor and tired yearning to breathe free.
  7. Anasha Cummings’ blog, “Anasha est.
  8. Andrew Gregory’s “CRUMBS” local music blog, “The Analog Fog.1967 – Sunday November 29 at the Hollow.”
  9. Sonja Stark’s “PilotGirl” Blog, “Hunting for views on Peekamoose and Table mountains.
  10. Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara’s blog, “This holiday season, be vigilant against scams and identity theft.

So everybody have a delicious Turkey Day today, and spend your holiday with your family, friends and loved ones.

Me?  By the time you read this blog, I’ll be at the Empire State Plaza, waiting to deliver turkey dinners for Equinox.  It’s a Chuck Miller thing.  I hope you understand. 😀