Christmas cards for Sa’fyre Terry

Can I ask all of you a favor this holiday season?

Just a simple favor.

And it would make a little Schenectady girl’s Christmas magical.


In May of 2013, a horrific fire in Schenectady’s Hamilton Hill neighborhood killed Michael Terry and three of his children.  A fourth child, Terry’s daughter Sa’fyre, barely survived the inferno.  She did survive; but her body suffered massive burns over 75% of her skin.  Her right hand and her left foot had to be amputated.  Two years after the fire, this child has required nearly fifty surgical procedures to keep her alive.

This in itself would make anybody give up hope.

Apparently nobody told Sa’fyre to give up hope.  Because she survived the blaze and has remained strong throughout.  She’s eight years old now.  And Christmas is coming.  And you know Christmas is a time when miracles happen.

Recently her aunt purchased a Christmas card holder, and Sa’fyre told her aunt that she hoped the holder could display every card possible.

And thus began a campaign of belief and faith.

Sa’fyre’s story could use some happiness and holiday cheer.  Her wish is to have Christmas Cards covering that display tree.  Let’s make it happen.

The story has spread throughout the Internet.  The Today Show has covered the Christmas card campaign.  So has Buzzfeed.  The Schenectady blog in the Times Union has also maintained coverage.  There’s a Facebook page dedicated to Sa’fyre and her triumphs over adversity.

If you want to help make Sa’fyre’s Christmas a special and memorable one, please send a Christmas card to her at:

Sa’fyre Terry
P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady NY  12306

And one more thing.  Sa’fyre still has a long and arduous journey ahead of her.  More surgical procedures.  If you want to help make her 2016 just as magical and miraculous, please consider making a donation to Sa’fyre’s YouCaring fundraising page.

This is our chance to celebrate a miracle here on Earth.

Let’s make this happen.  Spread the word.  Add to the campaign.  Let’s make this the merriest Christmas Sa’fyre Terry could ever imagine.  And let’s continue the good blessings for her in 2016 and beyond.