The return of Galavant! Huzzah and Tally-Ho!!

There are television shows that, for all intents and purposes, aren’t supposed to survive.  These are shows that scream “I’m going to get cancelled and there’s nothing I can do about it!”

And somehow, a musical comedy farce about a brave knight who tries to rescue his maiden fair – and gets caught in all sorts of musical adventures this side of Spamalot – shouldn’t have come back after its initial eight-episode run last year.

And yet… somehow… Galavant has returned.

Yes, the singing, dancing, self-reverent, self-mocking, ribald, incongruous comedy has returned for a five-week, ten-episode winter run.

Trust me, I’m just as surprised as you are.  This show has such a high-concept premise, it seems more fit for a live-action Saturday morning children’s show.

But in every episode there’s an amazing amount of singing wordplay – almost as if the producers want to take the original concept of a Broadway musical and turn it sideways.  Check, for example, this clip from the show’s second episode, “A Hero’s Journey,” in which Galavant and his two companions turn exposition into lyrical banter.

So with the show’s reappearance, the series has released a brand new musical clip that explains where the show has gone, why it’s back, and how come it didn’t receive any Golden Globes nominations.

You know you want to see the clip.

Here it is.  Enjoy.

Galavant returns for a five-week, ten-episode run on Sunday nights in January, as a winter replacement for Once Upon a Time.

So blog readers, what do you think of this combination of satire and song?  This melange mash-up of medieval merrymaking?