Chuck’s best blog posts of 2015

No, it’s not Thursday.  That’s reserved for the ten blog posts by the ten Times Union community bloggers.  That’s their time.

But once a year, around this time, I recap the blog posts I wrote.  And these ten – among all others – have the most significance to me.  There have been achievements, there have been reflections, there have been moments that have received blog comment support, there have been moments where I was raked over the coals for a blog post.

Such is life.  So…

Here we go.

10. So I bought this car about three years ago… and this year I paid off the car loan three years in advance.  How’s that for dedication?

9. My most successful attempt at a lenticular print, Vivaldi’s Pond, claimed a few ribbons this year and inspired me to continue on this lenticular path.

8. In a time where American Pharaoah claimed a thoroughbred Triple Crown, I was more fascinated with the track career of a standardbred harness horse named Just Vic – his crash, his recovery, his racing and his future.

7. I took a side in the “busker” controversy last summer.  And boy oh boy did I get response for that.  Funny thing, though… Two weeks after that incident, there hasn’t been a single busker on the corner of State and North Pearl.  Not one.  Hmm…

6. My best-ever showing at the New York State Fair – a second place and two honorable mentions – and a celebratory sandwich called the Defibrillator.

5. I earned two blue ribbons during Competition Season 2015 – one for Rutland the Goat at the Altamont Fair, and one for Jessica: Instamatic Dichotomy at the Durham Fair.  Meanwhile, Vivaldi’s Pond and Aerochrome Falls took some silk of their own this year.  Charity Season 2015 turned out well, especially considering that three of my pieces found new homes at Historic Albany Foundation’s BUILT 2015 show.

4. Two new cameras came into my life, both from my dedicated blog readers.  One camera, an Argus C3 “Brick,” contained a roll of Kodachrome film and one tantalizing photo from its previous owner.  That camera now has a swank new faux leather exterior.  The other camera I received from a blog reader, a super-swank Leica M3, has been re-leathered and rebranded as my “Leica Green” shooter.

3. A big change in my life.  All about my son Kris.

2. Thanks to connections with this blog and with Facebook, I have been blessed with a reunion of my Street Academy High School teachers and classmates.  This is awesome beyond belief.

1.  No matter what happened in 2015… for me, finding this video footage after 35 years was the most important and fulfilling moment of 2015 for me.


This was 2015 in the Chuck Miller blog.

And here’s to 2016 and everything therein.

All the best to you and yours for a joyous and prosperous New Year.

And for me?  Another 366 consecutive days of blogging.  For sure. 😀