Chuck’s five most prolific blog commenters of 2015

Okay, okay, one more countdown.  But this one is kinda cool, in that it involves you – my beloved blog commenters.

No matter what, whether you’re chastising me for my opinion or cheering on one of my photographs in competition, your blog comments are important to me.  It’s that dialogue that keeps this blog entertaining and alive.

And considering that WordPress just sent me a stat-metrics overview of 2015, it was kind enough to list my five most prolific and frequent blog commenters of the past 365 days.

Well, that’s a bit of a stat-metric, isn’t it?

You know you’re curious.  You want to know who it is.  You think you’ve got an idea who posted the most comments on this blog in 2015…

How right are you?

Go get a piece of paper.  Write down the names of the commenters you think have hit this blog the most.

Yes.  No.  Yes, him.  Not her.  Oh wait, yes her.

Mind you, I do greatly appreciate all my blog readers, and I wish there were most comments from all of you.  But I can tell you that the top five commenters from 2015 are the same people who were the top five commenters in 2014.  According to my stat-metrics program, those bloggers are not in the same rankings as they were in 2014… some have moved up, some have dropped.

Okay.  Here we go.

The fifth most prolific commenter to my blog in 2015 was…


Yeah, I’m just as shocked as you are.  The snarkiest commenter on my page, D357 only posted 50 blog comments this year, earning him a respectable fifth place.  It’s also a considerable drop from 2014, when he was #2 in terms of most blog comments.

The fourth most prolific commenter to my blog in 2015 was…


One of my most ardent fans, who never misses an episode of Collarworld or a new photo experiment, Pat D made 51 blog comments in 2015 (just nosing out D357 for fourth place).  Last year, she was in third place, just a few posts behind D357.

The third most prolific commenter to my blog in 2015 was…


Yes, the only member of the Top 5 who also has a TU blog of their own, Roger Green posted 65 comments on my blog in 2015.  I should tell you, in my best Casey Kasem voice, that in 2014 Roger posted the most comments on my blog.

So, we now have a new #1 on the countdown.  But before we hear the #1 commenter…

The second most prolific commenter to my blog in 2015 was…


Yes, the man with the “Zombie Blog” countdown had 93 posts on this blog portal.  He was #4 in 2014, and he’s been charging up the charts.  Will he be #1 in 2016?  Don’t know.

But we do know that the #1 commenter in 2015 was #5 in 2014.

This commenter doubled the number of blog comments, going from 48 to 99 posts in a single year.

And … as Casey would say… we have a new #1 commenter on the Chuck Miller blog.

Drum roll…

The #1 commenter is…


Yep, Roz doubled her blog comments – half the time asking for Kleenex after reading a Collarworld story, other times jumping to my defense after various blog dustups (the “Hot Mugshot Guy” response, for example).

And there you have it.  The five most prolific commenters on the Chuck Miller blog.

And that’s not to take away from all my commenters, because I’ve got a bunch of great people who read and comment on this blog.  Let’s see… Bill W, Kriskaten, JT, Bob Burger, Annie, LB, Diff, Ed the Living Legend, Woo Hoo Supreme, and everyone else.  Yeah.  Way good stuff.

So who will be the commenters with the most comments on this blog in 2016?

The year is only one day old.

The comments section is open.

Get to work. 😀