A pew and a ghost

Two years ago, I photographed an abandoned gas station with a graffiti-tagged ironic comment.  Six months ago, I photographed the inside of an abandoned church, finding a juxtaposition of a fetid sofa against a mournful stained glass window.

And today, I’m dropping off prints of these two artworks to Historic Albany Foundation, for their use in an upcoming show.

"I'm a ghost of my former self."
“i’m a ghost of my former self.” Kowa Super 66 camera, Efke 25 film. Photo by Chuck Miller.

The photos, i’m a ghost of my former self and The Pew of Holy Innocents, are part of a six-month gallery show for Historic Albany Foundation, in conjunction with the support of Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy.

The Pew of Holy Innocents 72
The Pew of Holy Innocents. Nikon Df camera, Vivitar 19mm f/3.8 lens. Photo by Chuck Miller.

For six months, several artists who have previously participated in Historic Albany Foundation projects will have several of their artworks featured in Assemblywoman Fahy’s office / meeting space for 2016, as part of HAF’s mission and operations goals – to save Albany buildings and architecture from neglect and vandalism and blight and ennui and demolition.

This is important.  Albany has plenty of buildings that just scream for renovation and repair.  And even though Historic Albany Foundation can’t save every single one, at least they can offer the opportunity to save whatever they can.  Through HAF’s Parts Warehouse (where homeowners and contractors can find salvaged components for future construction) and charitable fundraisers like BUILT, HAF does a hell of a job keeping our unique and beautiful buildings alive for as long as possible.

Plus, it’s another chance to showcase my photos in new locations and with new opportunities.

It’s a nice way to start off 2016.

Don’tcha think?