Best of our TU Community Bloggers, January 7, 2016: Ten for Thursday

Welcome to this week’s installment of my weekly wrap-up showcase of the Times Union’s community and independent bloggers and their remarkable blogs of the week.

If you’re new to my blog and are wondering, “Why does Chuck keep shifting off his Thursday blog posts in favor of this recap?”

Well, here’s why.

There are dozens of quality Times Union community and independent non-staff blogs on this portal.  Many of them get lost in the shuffle.  The staff blogs get their own separate coverage in the TU anyways, so if the TU can promote the staff blogs, then surely this little independent blogger (me) can support my fellow writers and essayists and raconteurs and observers.

And if I can give up one blog a week to do this, if it helps other blogs on this portal to do so… then I’m fine with that.

So when you get a chance today, take a look at these blogs and enjoy what you see.  They include this week:

  1. Brian Huba’s “Cat’s Pajamas” blog, “An open letter to Tom Coughlin.(Read this first.)
  2. Rob Hoffman’s “Hoffman Files” blog, “America’s real pastime? Bowling!
  3. Sara Rose Wheeler’s “Roaring Twenties” blog, “No one likes you January.
  4. Fran Rossi Szpylczyn’s “There Will Be Bread” blog, “Unlikely, unimaginable, unexpected.
  5. Jaye McBride in the comedy blog, “To Star Wars spoilers everywhere.
  6. Kim Swidler’s “Travel Gal” blog, “Dog-Friendly Travel Tips.
  7. Byrgen Finkelman in the “Transgender Talk” blog, “Transgender Activists Denounce ESPA.
  8. Azra Haqqie in the “Muslim Women” blog, “A Muslim parent’s guide to talking to children after an act of violent extremism.
  9. Ken Thurman’s blog, “Cops quicker to shoot blacks?(Welcome to the wonderful world of independent bloggers, Ken.)
  10. Lawrence White’s “Field of View” blog, “President Obama’s Gun Control Speech: Verbatim Text.

So everybody have a great day, enjoy the TU’s independent blogs, and if you know of any independent or community TU blogs that you feel deserve some love, list them in the blog comments below!