The cool stat of the week, man…

One of my many jobs is working with the National Basketball League of Canada, an eight-team circuit that is currently playing its fifth season in the Great White North.  I take care of their statistics, I handle their player clearances, I do a lot of grunt work for the league.  And it’s never considered “work” if you enjoy what you’re doing.

As the season began, my NBL Canada front office co-worker and all-around great guy Audley Stephenson asked me, “Hey Chuck, you’ve got a lot of statistics available to you, how would you feel about putting together a little ‘weekly stat broadcast’ for the fans?”

Okay.   I can do that.  All that’s required is that I send Audley a 30-second clip of some unique or cool statistical bit o’ trivia, and the Audman can take care of everything from there.

Last Sunday, I tested this out.  I recorded a little 30-second clip about the players with the most NBL career points, and e-mailed it off to the Audman.  Then I went to work on everything else I needed to maintain with the NBL.

And what to my wandering eyes should appear… but a Twitter-fed 30 second clip over here…

Scope this.


Hokey smokes.  Chuck Miller’s NBL Canada “Cool Stat of the Week.”


I can dig this.

Of course, now I have to go back and find more cool stats, not just the ones that involve simple stuff like players scoring the most points, yada yada.  I need to find those unique statistical mathematical calculations that would make the average person think… “Man, this guy Miller has entirely too much time on his hands.”

Too much time on my hands?


Never mind.  Best to have too MUCH time on my hands than not enough time to do everything I want.

But you know me.  I’ll always find time. 😀