My entries into the 2016 Photo Regionals

It’s the prestige photo competition of the Capital District.  It’s the one in which the top amateur and professional photographers place their best works on display.

And for years, I couldn’t get in the front door of the Photo Regionals to save my life.  I would submit my entries, they would not pass the round of judging, I would be depressed, lather, rinse, repeat.

And then, in 2014… a glimmer of hope, in the form of an Icelandic ram sheep, helped break down the door and land in the Photo Regionals.  Yep, The Jumbuck made the cut.

But now comes the next question.  Can I enter a successful photo for 2016’s Photo Regionals?  Can I get something in the door that wouldn’t be a fluke?

Okay.  Let’s go through the archives.  I skipped the 2015 Photo Regionals for one reason or another, so let’s see what I can pull with two years of available images under my belt.  I had the option of entering three pictures, and purchasing two extra spots if I so chose.  But in the end, I went with three images.

And since the Photo Regionals are a “salon” show this year, in which all entries are displayed for two weeks before the winning Photo Regionals entries are determined, my three pictures will be visible at the Fulton Steeet Gallery in Troy starting this Friday night, as part of Troy Night Out.

So which three did I pick?

Of course I picked…



Star Trails of Brown Tract Pond//


I realize I’m taking a chance here with two lenticular prints – Vivaldi’s Pond and Fagbug and Vaudeville are my two image-changing prizes.  But I’ve really never truly entered Fagbug and Vaudeville into any of my regular competitions, and Vivaldi’s Pond did earn at least a couple of ribbons in previous shows.

And entering Fagbug and Vaudeville into the Photo Regionals is kind of an “end-around” for me.  I’ve wanted to add Fagbug and Vaudeville in competition for some time now; and as much as I would have loved to have entered this piece in the New York State Fair, I feared that someone might disqualify the piece for fear that some impressionable child might say out loud, “Mommy, what’s a ‘fag bug’?”

So if you have time this Friday night and feel like experiencing downtown Troy for Troy Night Out, pop over to the Fulton Street Gallery and check out all the entries for the 38th annual Photo Regionals.  There’s plenty of fantastic photographers whose works are on display; it’s worth the trip to see them.

And if any of my photos happen to join The Jumbuck as accepted entries for the final show this year…

You’ll know by the loud amount of whooping and hollering and cheering in the general neighborhood of the Town and Village of Green Island.