An achievement for a Dream Window

Dang it.  The batteries ran out.

I was afraid of this.

Dream Window 18: Friday Night Fish Fry.
Dream Window 18: Friday Night Fish Fry.

Two of my Dream Windows, #17 and #18 to be precise, made it to the walls of the Albany Center Gallery satellite art show at the Times Union Home Expo.  And the AAA batteries that I installed to power the red arow in the artwork of Dream Window 18: Friday Night Fish Fry ran out of juice.

Thankfully, I brought a spare pack of AAA batteries, and within minutes the sign was illuminated once more.

But was it too late?  I knew that although this would be a location where people could purchase artwork, I also knew that it was a juried show, with a possible “Best in Show” awarded.  Oh man, if those batteries were drained when the judge walked through…

What, you don’t think I worry about such things?

Anecdote.  In 2011, I brought four pictures to the Altamont Fair for the art show.  Mind you, this was during my “Altamont Curse” years, where I couldn’t get a ribbon close to any of my pieces.  And as I brought in one of my artworks, Midnight at the Palace Theater, I noticed that the black lacquered wooden frame had a small nick in one corner.  Maybe nobody would notice.  But I could think of three who would – myself, God and the judge.  And God’s not judging this show, but I have to treat the judge like God.  Thankfully, I was able to find a Sharpie pen and, a few quick black scribbles later, even God wouldn’t have noticed the nick.  You know … I still have the second place ribbon for that artwork.  Yeah.  I keep treasures like that.

Dream Window 17: An Adirondack Reflection.
Dream Window 17: An Adirondack Reflection.

But let’s get back to this weekend’s show.   There were some absolutely amazing pieces in this show; and the Capital District’s artistic community never ceases to amaze in terms of creativity and vision.

By the way, if you get to the event this weekend, you must check out this show.  And pay special attention to my friend Jennifer Jeffers’ two art pieces; she’s creating artwork with cyanotypes and photographs and I’m not even sure I’m describing it.  Look for her “Yancy’s Dream” series.  It’s amazing.  Flat out.

And then, like a puff of smoke from Facebook’s Basilica, news came from the Albany Center Gallery.

Great day at the Times Union Home Expo. This year ACG focused on artists that reused, recycle, repurposed and reclaimed…

Posted by Albany Center Gallery on Friday, February 19, 2016

And there it is … one of the ten selected as the best of the show… bottom center… Dream Window 18: Friday  Night Fish Fry!!

In the past four years, I’ve built nineteen Dream Windows.  Several of them have sold privately; several others were donated for charitable auctions.  Two of them were displayed at my 30th reunion at Hamilton College; one of my classmates bought a Dream Window, the College claimed the other for their art collection.

But now… after four years and nineteen constructs… Dream Window 18: Friday Night Fish Fry becomes my first-ever Dream Window to win an award in a juried competition.

Thirty-seven levels of wow.

And trust me, I’m humbled and awed by the amazing artworks in this show.  There were at least twenty pieces that could have made the ten best list.

I guess the judge was okay with the batteries being drained on the Dream Window; I understood later that someone did explain that the arrow moves in an illuminated chase; so maybe that helped things out.

Oh, and one more thing.

Historic Albany Foundation hosted a little art show on Saturday, one where visitors could take salvaged materials and build their own art pieces.  And right there… available for sale… was a nine-panel Queen Anne window.  Don’t know where it came from.  Don’t know which house it was salvaged from.

Don’t know.

Don’t care.

A few dollars later, that window is now on its way to becoming Dream Window 20: Whatever I Want It Call It or Want it To Be.

This feels amazing.

And somehow, among all this… I have a good feeling that there’s more to come for this little fish fry sign.

Maybe two more locations.  Two more shows.  Two more chances for this sign to shine.

Yes.  It’s time to shine.