Best of our TU Community Blogs, March 3, 2016: Ten for Thursday

This week, I’ve been enjoying the TU’s community blogging team as they’ve covered a myriad of topics, with blog posts ranging from erudite to humorous, from cynical to sincere.  These bloggers deserve your attention, their observations are intelligent and thought-provoking and well worth your time.

So let’s get started, shall we?

This week’s harvest of blog goodness includes…

  1. Brian Huba’s “Cat’s Pajamas” blog, “Asha Burwell was exploited.”  (Read this first.)
  2. Rob Hoffman’s “Hoffman Files” blog, “News that agrees with you.
  3. Rabbi Matt Cutler’s blog, “Keeping it in check: Slow to anger.
  4. Mary Martin’s “A Good Enough Life” blog, “Man space.
  5. Azra Haqqie’s “Muslim Women” blog, “Oscar winner uses film to bring about change.(And shame on the Academy for playing the “get off the stage, you’ve been talking too long” music while she was explaining why a film like this needed to be made.)
  6. David Kalish’s “The Ruminator” blog, “A letter to my aging dog.
  7. Aaron Bush in the “Fiber Arts” blog, “Signs of an early spring, but the lambs are right on time.
  8. Fran Rossi Szpylczyn’s “There Will Be Bread” blog, “Pilgrim Update.
  9. Jim Shahen’s “Life and Other Things” blog, “I know Ted Cruz isn’t the Zodiac Killer, but his Facebook friends don’t know that I know that.
  10. Sara Rose Wheeler’s “Roaring Twenties” blog, “A WHOLE new Sara.
  11. Greg Back in the “Beer Nut” blog, “Yeast: the unsung hero.
  12. Nina Marinello’s blog, “It could be worse.
  13. C. Anthony Burdette in the comic books blog, “Comic Books You Should Check Out in March.
  14. Jeremy Olson’s “Cardboard Empire” blog, “Game nights at Barnes and Noble.
  15. Andrew Joyce’s blog, “Why I can’t support Hillary.
  16. Pete Bardunias’ blog, “Ellis Medicine makes a very smart choice.

Yeah, I know, it’s a list of sixteen and I said Ten for Thursday.  But I’m getting better, I swear.  Last week I had twenty in a Ten for Thursday.  And I promise I was going to stop at fifteen blogs … and then I read Pete Bardunias’ blog and decided to go for 16.  I’m telling you, the TU blogfarm is like eating potato chips.  You can’t stop at just one.

Now I must preface this by saying, there are more than sixteen blogs out there in the TU blog portal that are worth your consideration, and you should read as many community and independent blogs on the portal as you can.

I just just recommend starting with the sixteen I listed above.

All the best, and have a great weekend!