Best of our TU Community Blogs, April 14, 2016: Ten for Thursday

Before I get into today’s recap of the great blog posts by the Times Union’s fantastic community and independent bloggers, I want to ask you to do two things.

The first is very important.

This is the final week for the Times Union’s “Best of the Capital Region” poll.  You know, the one where everybody votes for Olive Garden as Best Italian Restaurant.  Yeah, that one.

Well, there is a category for “Best Blogger.”  And before you write down the usual names in that category, I want you to please consider casting your vote for a TU independent community blogger.


Have you read these posts?  They are thought-provoking, they are sensitive, they are important.  The posts make you think.  They make you want to write back and agree or disagree with the blogger.  They talk about religion and politics and life and the world.  They write from the heart.

I’ll give you an example right now of how powerful these blogs are and how much respect they receive.

Recently, Liz Lemery Joy wrote an impassioned blog in which she implored readers to vote based on the teachings and word of the Bible.  That invoked strong rhetoric from other bloggers, including posts from Heather DeFazio, Walter Ayers, Heather DeFazio, Michael Rivest and Walter Ayers.

And I’m posting this because all these bloggers are discussing subjects that are near and dear and deeply personal to their beliefs and their passions.  Those posts challenge our thoughts and our concepts.  We may disagree with what we read, but we have to admit that the bloggers are speaking from their hearts.  This isn’t vitriol or trolling or flame-baiting.  What you have here is serious discussion and thought, just as much as would be held at a town hall or at a symposium or at a debate.

And personally, I’m thankful that the Times Union allows us to share our beliefs and our words.  You might not agree with what we say, but at least you agree that our words mean something.

So before I give this week’s list of ten great blogs by ten great community bloggers, keep a thought right now.  Read these blogs today.  Read the other posts by each of these bloggers.

And in your last-minute write-in for “Best Blogger” in the Times Union’s poll, please write down a community blogger’s name.  For everything they do each week, they deserve your support.

Okay.  Time for the recap.

  1. Don Rittner’s history blog, “Abolitionist Stoned in 1836 by Trojans.(Read this first.)
  2. Liz Lemery Joy’s “Joy In These Days” blog, “Ted Cruz, a breath of fresh air in Upstate!
  3. Albany City Councilman Judd Krasher’s blog, “Mr. Trump: Welcome to Albany.
  4. David Kalish’s “The Ruminator” blog, “A musical neophyte’s connection to music.
  5. Fran Rossi Szpylczyn’s “There Will Be Bread” blog, “The field hospital.
  6. Carl Strock’s blog, “No rally for me.
  7. Rob Hoffman’s “Hoffman Files” blog, “A journey through adolescence, from Neuman to ‘Hef.’
  8. Lawrence White’s “Field of View” blog, “The real world tragedy of kids and guns.
  9. Heather Fazio’s blog, “Don’t Discriminate. Yeah, I’m talking to you.
  10. Brian Huba’s “Cat’s Pajamas” blog, “Unkillable Bernie.
  11. Sara Rose Wheeler’s “Roaring Twenties” blog, “The false expectations of social media.”
  12. Nina Marinello’s blog, “Where did you put that sandwich?
  13. Ann Carey Tobin, M.D. in the “Holistic Health” blog, “Calm Triple Warmer to manage stress.”
  14. Michael Rivest’s blog, “Trump in Albany: upon reflection.
  15. Sonja Stark’s “PilotGirl” blog, “Uterus outta know this guy.
  16. Mick Martin in the “Comics Multiverse” blog, “Speculation: Doctor Strange … and the Defenders?
  17. Assemblyman Jim Tedisco’s blog, “Mr. NYS Basketball Kevin Huerter has a great spin on being a student athlete.
  18. Casey Polomaine in the “30 Love” blog, “Pin-spiration: make-up rehab.
  19. Scott Jarzombek’s “On and Off the Shelves” blog, “Library fines, more than just a late fee.
  20. Rachel Baum’s “Bark: Confessions of a Dog Trainer” blog, “The right way to get a purebred puppy.

You need to read these blogs.  You should comment on them, tell the blogger what you liked about his/her article and what you disagreed with.  And then, when you get a chance today, please vote for your favorite community / independent blogger in the TU “Best of” poll.

Okay, now the second thing.

There’s one blogger on the TU portal that I don’t want you to vote for.  I’m saying this right now.  DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS PERSON.  Use your vote wisely.  Don’t waste it on that blogger whose photo shows him holding a camera in front of his face.

Yeah, you heard me.  Don’t vote for me.   Use your vote to show the community and independent bloggers that you believe in what they write and you believe in what they say.

Me?  I’m just glad that you read my blog.  I’ll take that as an award any day.