Latham Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry closing April 30

This is sad.  Not just because of the business closing … but because of the way it’s closing.

According to the restaurant’s Facebook page, Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry in Latham is closing for good on April 30.

I’m not happy about this. I remember eating at Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry’s Central Avenue location for many years, enjoying the restaurant’s comfort food, its atmosphere, that flashing Googie architecture neon sign…

Oh, wait. That Bob & Ron’s closed last year.

Bob & Ron's Fish Fry Albany sign, April 17 2016.  BlackBerry PRIV camera. phone. Photo by Chuck Miller.
Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry Albany sign, April 17 2016. BlackBerry PRIV camera. phone. Photo by Chuck Miller.

So here’s what happened. The old owners sold the restaurant to a new owner. The new owner opened a second Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry in Latham. The original Central Avenue location was shuttered in November, and that beautiful sign was sold at auction.

And now the Latham restaurant is closing.

I’ve eaten at the Latham restaurant a couple of times – there was definitely a different vibe about the place. The fish fry sandwiches didn’t have that same taste to them, the offerings didn’t have that same snap to them, and that flashing neon sign was barely a logo on the restaurant’s cups.

So what is causing the Latham restaurant to close?

Well, the Bob & Ron’s owner was kind enough to list the reasons in a response on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

… to be honest there is no way we could pay the high minimum wage that is coming and mandatory 3 months paid sick leave- this state is going in the wrong direction for small businesses …

Wow. I’m just going to leave that quotation right where it is.

Look… It bothers me when a Capital District icon like Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry closes down. But as far as I’m concerned, Bob & Ron’s closed last year. This new store was a Bob & Ron’s in name only. And although I’m not thrilled that the Latham eatery is closing …

With Facebook comments and responses like he ones posted above, I’m not surprised.